Company Overview

Eliminate manual efforts and align marketing and sales teams with a seamless data integration between Pipedrive and Act-On. Sync lead, contact and account data to give sales insights into lead activity and score, and give marketing the ability to send targeted and personalized marketing messages in Act-On.

Pipedrive is a sales-management tool designed to help salespeople get more organized.

Back in 2010, two of our co-founders, both seasoned sales managers, realized that the CRM landscape was populated by software designed to please the top brass while ignoring the needs of the people doing the actual selling.

So they partnered with talented developers to create a CRM that puts the needs of salespeople first. Grounded in the philosophy of activity-based selling, the result is Pipedrive, a tool now used by over 50,000 companies around the world.


When it comes to developing features for Pipedrive, our philosophy is simple – everything is built around activity-based selling. We believe that in sales (and in life) you can’t control results, but you can control the actions that drive deals towards completion. The pipeline is your window to this methodology, providing the visibility needed to take the right action at the right time.

  • Pipeline Management
  • Activities and Goals
  • Sales Reporting
  • Email integration
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Data import and export
  • Mobile apps
  • ….and more

Check out everything Pipedrive has to offer here.

Act-On Integration

Push qualified leads from Act-On directly in to Pipedrive, and sync back existing leads, contacts, and accounts into Act-On marketing lists.

Enabling marketers to:

  • Better segments for targeted messaging
  • Trigger automated nurture programs based on stages and status fields from Pipedrive
  • Leverage demographic data from Pipedrive on your Lead Scoring rules
  • Push qualified leads to sales

Enabling sales to:

  • Real-time access to hot leads
  • Prioritize leads based on lead score
  • Use Act-On with Gmail or Outlook to send personalized email templates


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