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Measure the call performance of your e-mail campaigns with trackable, automated click-to-call links. Analyze calls from any source - including web and e-mail - and segment callers for targeted follow-on marketing.

Track & Segment Callers In Act-On with Outleads

Outleads’ next-generation tracking and analytics enables lead-gen advertisers to track and market like never before. Beyond tying offline sales to the online advertising that generated them, Outleads communicates these offline conversions to advertising networks, enabling the ad network to automatically optimize for offline sales. Putting the power of the ad networks’ computerized algorithms to work on optimizing for sales – rather than optimizing for leads, calls, or form submissions – translates to a more efficient ad budget and a boost in the bottom line.

Outleads also enables segmentation for online advertising based on offline activity. Using custom tags, advertisers can attach information from the CRM to online leads. Outleads appends the tags to online sessions, enabling advertisers to group leads by tag for targeting with relevant advertising. With 100% accuracy and laser-like precision, advertisers use Outleads to make their advertising budgets smarter, effective, and significantly more efficient.

Unlike traditional solutions, Outleads’ technology communicates information in real-time, is fully automated, completely customizable, cost-effective, and accommodates segments of any size. In addition to the next-generation services, Outleads also provides advanced analytics with the ability to drill down into every individual call record in real time for detailed information about the web visit associated with each call, and track outcomes like sales, conversions, and more. We offer one-click integrations to popular CRM software like Act-On and Salesforce, as well as custom implementations for any proprietary system.


  • Get more phone calls – embed click-to-call links in any e-mail campaign
  • See which of your campaigns and other marketing generate the most calls, without generating tracking numbers
  • Run unlimited campaigns and split tests using just one phone number
  • See detailed information about each call, including the name of the campaign you entered in Act-On
  • Tag calls to enable list segmentation in Act-On, and group callers by hotness level, product or service interest, etc. for targeted follow-on messaging
  • See phone calls within Act-On visitor timelines, enabling inclusion in Act-On funnels, scoring metrics, and custom workflows

Act-On Integration

Outleads’ innovative technology collects detailed call analytics about each phone call you receive using just one phone number. To track phone calls from e-mail marketing campaigns: simply open an Outleads account, connect your Act-On account, place the link we generate in any e-mail you build on Act-On, and take your marketing analytics to a whole new level.

During or after a call – whether from an e-mail, website, social media, or any other online source – tag your leads in the Outleads interface. Outleads will populate the tags in a marketing list within your Act-On account. In Act-On, use the tags to segment the list. Single out hot leads, callers by product or service interest, and more, then target callers with specific marketing messaging, from e-mail campaigns to landing pages and tailored web content.


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