Company Overview

Industry's most Comprehensive Sales Engagement Platform that provide Sales with increased qualified pipeline and improved forecasting, based on content engagement. LiveHive provides sales reps real-time insights of when their email and document was opened, how much time was spent on each page, and new contact info of any re-shared document.

With the industry’s most comprehensive sales engagement platform, LiveHive provides complete view of your document’s digital journey, and unrivaled analytics to track it. LiveHive ranks top prospects more intelligently and creates a better qualified pipeline of leads, while seamlessly working with your every day sales apps. Find out when your email and document have been viewed, what pages interested your prospect the most, and with whom are they sharing your sales document with. LiveHive provides you with real-time analytics, so you can tailor your follow-up.


  • Improved Forecasting: Get real-time analytics on the interest level of your prospect. Know when your document is being viewed, what pages were looked at, for how long, even after downloads.
  • Pinpoint your Most Qualified Leads: LiveHive filters out the most qualified leads and ranks your top prospect, automatically.
  • Identify New Leads: Get new contact info when your prospect re-shares your document within their Company right into Act-On.
  • Improved Lead Score: Act-On and LiveHive together provide a stronger lead score based on Web and content engagement.
  • Salesforce Integration: Get complete Act-On and LiveHive engagement metrics within Salesforce.

Act-On Integration

LiveHive allows Act-On customers to get a more complete view of the engagement of their prospect. With the new Act-On integration, sales reps can get deep, consolidated analytics of not only the web engagement of the prospect, but also how the prospect is engaging in their email communication (email and document views, page-by-page document analytics, re-shares). It provides sales reps a real-time intelligence, so they can deliver a more targeted follow-up. Marketers can also get new leads to nurture, based on any re-share of a document. All re-share data automatically goes into an Act-On Marketing list for further nurturing by Marketing.


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