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Company Overview

ion’s enterprise interactive content SaaS platform and services empower modern marketers to engage, convert and profile higher quality leads using code-free, data-driven interactivity.

ion’s interactive experiences exceed high user expectations by delivering engaging and personal content responsively designed across all devices — mobile, tablet and desktop. ion interactive is rated 4+ stars by hundreds of brands and agencies that include: Anthem, Dell, DHL, SAS, eHealth, Fiserv, Principal, HP, Key Bank, GE, FedEx, NetApp, Nielsen, Polycom, Salesforce, Symantec and UBM.


ion integrates seamlessly with Act-On to pass rich lead data into Act-On in real time, enabling high fidelity nurture automation and scoring.

In addition to basic lead information, ion’s interactive experiences collect rich and explicit data that drives higher fidelity personalization, targeting and scoring. This more descriptive and reliable stream of user data enables the creation of a progressively more relevant buyer’s journey that results in increased lead-to-revenue velocity.

  • Seamless and immediate posting of lead, user behavior and high fidelity interaction data


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Act-On Integration

The ion platform collects rich explicit answers to critical questions about your prospects. This high fidelity data can be leveraged in Act-On automation and scoring to significantly accelerate lead-to-revenue velocity. Unlike inferred digital body language, ion’s explicitly collected data is a much more reliable predictor and basis for targeting, segmentation and dynamic personalization. Together, ion and Act-On increase lead volume, improve lead quality, improve sales readiness, and accelerate the buyer’s journey.


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