Company Overview

Interact is a platform for creating quizzes and assessments to generate leads. It's like pairing a fun personality quiz or a challenging assessment with a lead capture form that integrates with Act-On. Average conversion rates for quiz takers are over 50%.

Use Interact to create quizzes and assessments that integrate with Act-On and tracking scripts for easy implementation into your existing marketing funnels. Interact is a self-service platform for creating content and provides over 30 templates to choose from to make creation of new quizzes and assessments a simple process.


There are several key features that Interact customers point to as core value-add benefits. First, you can create each quiz to be designed uniquely like your company’s branding so there is no indication it comes from a third-party. Second, you can create very engaging image-based quizzes where quiz takers select a picture as an answer choice. We’ve found that the visual format is amazing for drawing in the quiz taker and capturing their attention. Third, Interact provides detailed analytics of each quiz taker who participates in your content. This data is all exportable to Act-On, so you can generate leads that are highly qualified and you know a lot about. Fourth and finally, Interact quizzes can be embedded onto any website and shared on all social networks for easy distribution and promotion. 

Act-On Integration

Each Interact quiz can be connected to Act-On so new leads collected in the quiz will be sent automatically to Act-On. Every lead that comes through your quiz or assessment will be tagged by the personality or score of the quiz taker so you can set up unique automation campaigns for each quiz or assessment result. 


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