Company Overview

GoChime is the global leader in social marketing automation, enabling true-identity, paid-social ads that fit seamlessly within the greater marketing automation strategy to drive customer retention and acquisition.

True-Identity, Paid Social Retargeting via GoChime and Act-On

Thanks to native social ad units, true-identity targeting that goes cross-device, and GoChime’s realtime automation, paid-social retargeting is dramatically superior to display retargeting. Securely onboard customer segments from Act-On to GoChime to execute automated, paid-social retargeting across Facebook and Twitter. The benefits of paid-social retargeting via GoChime include: True Multichannel Marketing A 2-3x increase in the amount of leads nurtured through email via non-opener retargeting across Facebook and/or Twitter. Analyze the performance of a single segment across email, Facebook, and Twitter. Conversion Booster Increase the likelihood to purchase by 22% through automated Facebook and/or Twitter retargeting of customers or leads opening email. Realtime Realtime custom and tailored audience management across Facebook and Twitter. As customers or leads move from List/Query to List/Query in Act-On, GoChime mirrors the changes in paid-social ad campaigns. Secure GoChime encrypts customer data at the highest possible level to ensure your data remains protected. Never export and upload a non-secure .CSV again.


  • Automated Custom and Tailored Audience Management
  • Set-it-and-forget-it Social Ads Triggered By User Behavior
  • Generate Lookalike Audiences of High-Value Customer Segments to Drive Customer Acquisition
  • A/B Test Ad Images, Copy, and CTAs to Optimize Paid Social Campaigns on Facebook and Twitter
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Act-On Integration

Securely syncing your Act-On account with GoChime opens up a world of data-driven retargeting capabilities for your organization. Act-On customers may access email lists, email campaign events (such as opens, clicks, non-opens, and delivered), and more to seamlessly loop paid social into your existing marketing strategy all within the GoChime dash. Once a campaign is launched, you may view our Multichannel Reports to visualize how your customers/leads are engaging across email, Facebook, and Twitter. We also offer Team Management features to invite team members as well as Agencies to ensure your team is on the same page.


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