Company Overview

ContentLaunch is the first content marketing software built for small and medium sized businesses (SMB’s). Cloud based and intuitive, the application enables you to plan, create, launch, promote and measure any type of content, helping you to connect with your online audience and positively impact engagement and sales.

ContentLaunch provides dynamic, web based editorial calendars, complete workflow tools, distribution to over twenty integrated platforms and the ability to connect with industry influencers to amplify your content. ContentLaunch also offers 300 of the best content writers to assist with creating compelling content for your target market. Our content marketing platform integrates seamlessly with Act-on.


What Content Launch Does

  • Consult – Provides users with a robust content marketing library of resources, a forum to interface with other users for best practice sharing and collaboration and the ability to get advice from our content marketing experts through a live video conference
  • Create – Provides users with the ability to create any type of content and to bring in other team members into the ideation and creation steps. Content topic assistance and automated SEO tools are built in. Users can publish their content to all-important channels for easy distribution.
  • Collaborate – Provides users with a way to find top influencers in their space for content collaboration and amplification as well as the ability to bring in others from Linkedin and Twitter.
  • Calendar – Provides users with a way to schedule, plan and organize their content by day, week and month, both for individual content pieces and campaigns. Filtering capabilities by content type, buying stage, content creator and more
  • Promote – Provides users with the ability to magnify and amplify their content using complimentary tools such as Outbrain, HootSuite and Act-on, all within the application
  • Measure – Provides users with a full suite of analytics and data so they can easily see which content is working and which content is not working.  Featuring the industries first content “score” so they can easily understand the ROI of their content efforts.

Act-On Integration

  • Act-On users can create email content and then push it out to their Act-On account
  • Act-On users can use the ContentLaunch editorial calendar to help plan, organize, and schedule content assets.
  • Act-On users can utilize our team of content marketing experts for advice and ideas on content strategy, content writing and more. Our team is also available for joint meetings with Act-On staff and Act-On users.
  • Act-On users can benefit from content ideation help, content workflow efficiency, access to outside industry influencers who can help with content creation and amplification as well as promoting content and then tying analytics/data to the content.


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