Company Overview

Cazoomi enables business applications to talk to each other using SyncApps®, the Integration Cloud for Small Business. There are thousands of companies and nonprofits using SyncApps®, join them today!

Engage in Real Time by Connecting Your Apps!

What are SyncApps®

We offer an integration framework available to unite your company’s data. Our teams also help you get your software implementation off the ground today, including the integration piece many companies dread tackling.

With Cazoomi’s highly scalable and real-time integration ability, your business can once again focus on sales by seamlessly integrating your cloud, on-premise or plug-in applications with your financials, marketing, ecommerce, support, and other mission-critical applications.


  • Sync accounts, contacts and leads to Act-On marketing lists.
  • Opt-outs automatically synced from Act-On to your CRM or application.
  • Custom field mapping between both systems.
  • Sync specific Lists, Campaigns and campaign responses from Act-On to your CRM.
  • Sync Act-On lead score back to CRM contact or lead.
  • Get Started Right Away; No Credit Card, Obligation or Risk!

Act-On Integration

Act-On connects to 15+ applications you might use to run your business, including CRM, ecommerce, financial, and support applications. Engage your prospects, clients and partners in real time with marketing automation connected to the apps you love and use daily. Marketing Automation delivered.


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