Company Overview

BrightInfo revolutionizes the way businesses sell through content across owned & paid media with personal, data driven content interactions.

BrightInfo – boost engagement and conversions with real-time personalization

There are only two ways to grow your business online: increase traffic or increase conversion rates. BrightInfo does both. BrightInfo’s marketing personalization technology leverages content marketing to offer the most
 relevant content to each anonymous visitor – dynamically, in real-time and on each page visited – be it 
on your website, on professional publications, or both. Businesses of all sizes leverage BrightInfo increase lead generation by an average of 30%-50%. BrightInfo requires no configuration, customization or integration and delivers value within minutes of sign up. Its unique content analytics further improve content marketing ROI for businesses. Visit to learn more.


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Act-On Integration

With this integration, Act-On users can now:

  1. Segment personal marketing offers to anonymous visitors vs. known leads
  2. Store leads generated through BrightInfo directly into Act-On automatically
  3. Mark BrightInfo leads within Act-On with extra data for tracking and analysis


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