What’s Working With ABM Content

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Key Challenges We Addressed

Content Marketing Institute:

  • Only 30% of B2B marketers say their content is effective
  • Nearly 80% are unsuccessfulin showing a clear ROI for their content

Forrester Research:

“Personalized Content at Scale is among the most challenging aspects of ABM today.” 

Learnings Provided in Slide Deck

  • Fortune 1000: Secrets from an ABM program with scalable, personalized content that delivered 12 meetings at large accounts in the Fortune 1000
  • Irresistible Content: Unique ways you can uncover your buyers’ pain + aspirations that will lead to revenue-generating content
  • Iterative + scalable: Boost engagement at your accounts overtime with a proven approach that you can scale

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#FlipMyFunnel Session Presenters

Bill Kent

Bill Kent

Marketer, Act-On Software

Troy O'Bryan

Troy O’Bryan

Founder, Response Capture