Act-On vs. Email Service Providers

Experiencing fastest time to value while driving relevant multi-channel marketing makes Act-On the preferred choice.

Immediate, measurable results experienced by businesses who choose Act-On.


ROI within 1.2 months

2017 ROI Awards winner

Bisco Industries left MailChimp for Act-On and saw a 1283% increase in ROI within 1.2 months

Download the report and see why Bisco is one of Nucleus Research’s 2017 ROI Awards winners.

Companies who moved from their ESP to Act-On and became architects of customer engagement across the entire customer lifecycle

Bisco Industries
Global Software
Alpha Wire Corporation
Frontline Telemarketing
California State University San Bernardino
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Mastering Multi-Channel Marketing

Empowering Customer Data- Driven Lifecycle Marketing

Tools like MailChimp and Excel simply couldn’t handle the company’s evolving needs. If we were going to grow sales, raise brand awareness, and establish ourselves as leaders, we needed to replace our rudimentary and unwieldy systems with a marketing automation platform that provided greater insight into web traffic and email performance, and that better aligned sales and marketing.

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Experience Results-Oriented, Scalable Marketing

We didn’t have a system that allowed us to really launch scalable marketing campaigns. Now, we’re getting more leads, and we’re able to nurture those leads in a better and faster way, which then shortens the sales cycle. We’re able to hand over hot leads to our sales team to generate sales more quickly.

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Achieve Exponential Growth with Fastest Time to Value

In the first month of our Act-On campaign, we generated almost $100,000 in quotable opportunities, and we completely paid off our investment with Act-On within about 1.2 months.

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Key Considerations

Can the platform scale?
Act-On check mark
ESPs Limited automation
Support for multi-channel campaigns
Act-On check mark
ESPs Limited features and integrations
Advanced social marketing with listening, publishing, and reporting that shows impact to revenue
Act-On check mark
ESPs x mark
Provides key data management ∓ analytics tools and easily connects with BI/reporting tools
Act-On check mark
ESPs Limited / Not supported
Company strategy that includes machine learning and enabling adaptive journeys for any marketer
Act-On check mark
ESPs Focused on email and basic automation
Native CRM integrations with major CRM players - Salesforce, Dynamics, Sugar, Netsuite?
Act-On check mark
ESPs Limited support + Partner fees
Provides Sales with visibility into buyer behavior and trackable emails?
Act-On check mark
ESPs Limited support
Are core lead management capabilities (automated programs, dynamic segmentation, scoring, etc.) at industry standard levels?
Act-On check mark
ESPs Don't meet criteria to be included in Key Analyst Reports

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