Power Marketing & Power Sales with Act-On

It’s the age of the customer. Act-On’s marketing automation technology makes it easy for you to pay personalized attention to segmented leads and established customers, building closer relationships at every stage of the buyer’s journey without straining resources. Consistent, automated programs make it possible to replicate your successful campaigns and run them at scale, with less effort – and more precision.


Create, automate, and measure marketing, nurturing, upsell, and retention campaigns, leading to action and advocacy through timing and relevance. Right person, right message, right time. Plus:

  • Track prospect behaviors and digital footprints, share the data seamlessly with sales.
  • Correlate behaviors from multiple people at the same company, use account-based marketing (ABM) tactics to coordinate personalized nurturing.
  • Score accounts and leads on specific behaviors, profiles, and attributes.
  • Qualify leads, send to sales automatically when leads cross a set threshold.
  • Automatically manage, assign, and recycle leads based on specific behaviors.


Give sales a window into Act-On right inside their CRM dashboard, so they can:

  • Send marketing-created, personalized, trackable emails and messages.
  • Get qualified, prioritized Hot Prospects delivered daily.
  • Learn exactly why a lead has been qualified and assigned to them.
  • See a prospect’s interests and activities, understand what they want and need, know where to begin the conversation.

Align Marketing, Sales and Customer Success

From Lead to Revenue

From Attraction to Retention

From Anonymity to Advocacy