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Marketing Automation for NetSuite CRM+

Easy, Automatic Synchronization

Act-On’s seamless native integration with NetSuite CRM+ smooths the way for marketing to deliver more highly qualified, sales-ready leads to the sales team.

Setting up the integration takes just minutes, including calibrating the automatic bi-directional synchronization between NetSuite CRM+ and Act-On. Once set, Act-On automatically updates contact and lead records in NetSuite CRM+, keeping your database current.

NetSuite Integration

Boost Performance – Actionable Intelligence for Sales

Your sales team works in NetSuite CRM+ and uses the Act-On tab to get real-time information, including prioritized leads and activity history. Here are just a few capabilities:

  • Hot Prospects – Get a prioritized list of the leads and contacts who are active and engaged – right now.
  • Act-On Email – Sales can send trackable emails, so they can see who opens them and clicks which links.
  • Act-On Activity History – Show your sales team the digital footprints of their leads and buyers, so reps know what people are interested in.

Act-On delivers key insight into a buyer’s needs, motivations, and timing, so the sales rep can start a relevant conversation at the right time.

Keep Your Leads Warm with Email Marketing and Nurturing Campaigns

Email’s ROI still outpaces every other tactic. With Act-On, you can:

  • Create responsive emails and launch high-quality campaigns with a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Send the right messages to the right people at the right time, using list segmentation and lead scoring.
  • Match the message to the recipient on the fly with dynamic content.
  • Optimize your email campaigns with A/B testing.

Prioritize Leads with Lead Scoring

Identify and prioritize sales-ready leads based on points scored for demographic/firmographic data and behavioral touch points. Your sales team will know who prospects are, what they care about – and what to say to start a warm sales call.

Reach out with Social Media

Align your social media strategies and tactics with your other channels, so your messaging is amplified and your branding is consistently reinforced in all the places a prospect may find you.

Get the Most from Your Website with WEBSITE VISITOR TRACKING

See actual names of people and companies visiting your website, and what they’re looking for. Go beyond page views and bulk visitor statistics provided by traditional website analysis tools to get real marketing and sales intelligence to boost your sales.

Create Your Own Forms & Landing Pages

You won’t need help to build customized and branded forms and landing pages. And, you can easily feed form submissions into NetSuite CRM+ without risk of duplicates. Use A/B testing to pick the version that will produce the most clickthrough rates.

Make Life Easier with Act-On Anywhere

Work in your favorite application and still get the benefits of Act-On. For example, when a sales rep works in LinkedIn, Act-On Anywhere can tell the rep whether this lead has visited your pricing page. Just install the Chrome browser extension, and you’ve got instant insight – anywhere.

Track Online Behavior with Website Prospector

See actual names of people and companies visiting your website, and what they’re looking for. Go beyond the page views and bulk visitor statistics provided by traditional website analysis tools to get real marketing and sales intelligence to refine your messaging and boost your sales. Website visits are noted in activity histories.

Get Found & Convert Faster with Act-On Inbound & SEO Audit

Since 80% of sales begin with search, you can help your buyers find you by using Act-On’s SEO audit tool to optimize your website, landing pages, and blog posts for organic search. Track the effectiveness of your paid search with Act-On’s native AdWords integration. You’ll know for certain which AdWords generate the most ROI for your company.