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Act-On + Microsoft Dynamics = Better Together


Intelligent Customer Engagement

Your Dynamics CRM gives you data and organizes it. Integrate Act-On’s marketing platform with Dynamics, and you’ll have the tools to make that data actionable – and the intelligence to make it personal.

Seamless Native Integration with Dynamics

The bidirectional sync between Act-On and Dynamics means you have 360 degrees of current data at your fingertips. You can make more informed decisions about how to engage your customers and prospects, and how to shape the customer experience across the entire lifecycle.

Sales can send trackable, customized, personalized marketing emails from within Dynamics.

Say Goodbye to Cold Calling

With Act-On, you get a window into the heart of the customer. Sales reps look into a lead’s activity history to see their behavior: content downloads, web page visits, email opens (and much more), are all strong signals of wants, needs, and interest. Sales reps know which conversation to start, what to say, and when.

Act-On at the Ready for Marketing & Sales

You can integrate your favorite solutions into Act-On’s open platform, so everything is at hand, such as Google AdWords, WebEx, GoToMeeting, etc.

Sales users have an Act-On window in Dynamics, so they never have to leave their Dynamics dashboard to send marketing-created trackable emails or see a prospect’s interests and behaviors.

Sales can drill down to see precisely which web page, which email, etc., a prospect is engaging with before they call.

What You Can Do with Act-On

Craft trackable Act-On emails for salespeople to send from Dynamics, Outlook, or Office 365.

Build marketing campaign elements, such as landing pages and automated programs that schedule and deliver content.

Track and measure all your campaigns across all the media and channels you use: email, ads, social, events, and more.

Leverage data from Dynamics: Pull leads, campaigns, contacts, opportunities, accounts, groups, and owners for use in segmentation, scoring, and personalization.

Push data to Dynamics: Send notes and create tasks from automated programs in Dynamics, and sync custom fields (such as Lead Score).

Give sales a window into marketing data. From their Dynamics dashboard, sales can access Act-On lead scores, Hot Prospects, and activity histories, to see every email sent and opened, every page visit, every content download, every form fill – every engagement – for informed, smarter conversations.

Account-Based Marketing

Act-On’s account-based marketing automation gives you the ability to view, segment, and score your prospects and customers from an account view.

  • Automated Account Views – Account lists and profiles are automatically generated based on the data you already have in Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Account Scoring – Understand the engagement of whole buying teams with account-based scoring.
  • Account Group Views – Create account groups to segment your prospects and customers based on industry, company size, and other firmographic data.
  • Account Nurturing – Nurture accounts, not contacts. Send nurture emails to entire account groups to keep buying teams engaged.
Act-On account scoring gives you a roll up of contact-level scores to provide a clear picture of an account’s overall engagement with your brand.