List Management

Act-On makes it easier than ever for you to assemble, consolidate, and manage all of your customer and prospect lists for your marketing campaigns. The key to effective email campaigns begins with clean data and careful list selection.

  • Assemble, consolidate and manage all of your lists from a single database.
  • Centralize all marketing interactions with your prospects.
  • Define dynamic list segments based on attributes and behaviors.
  • Create clean lists to maximize deliverability and click-throughs, and minimize bounces and spam complaints.

Zero-Setup Marketing Database

With Act-On, you don’t have to waste time merging your CRM and marketing lists – simply pull your lists directly into your Act-On account with just an Excel or CSV file. You can also import leads, prospects or campaign members directly from your Salesforce account. Your lists can have as many custom fields as you like, and you can use them all to personalize your campaigns.

As you use your lists in your marketing campaigns, Act-On automatically builds the centralized marketing database containing all the marketing interactions with your prospects, such as messages sent, responses to messages, form views and submissions, website visits, webinar attendance, and more.


Improve your marketing effectiveness by targeting your campaigns to appropriate segments instead of just blasting them out to all your prospects.

Define dynamic segments by combining profile attributes(such as industry, title, or company) with observed behaviors (such as responses to past campaigns). Delivering relevant content that takes these activities into consideration provides a compelling experience for prospects and facilitates the conversion of leads into opportunities.

List Hygiene

Clean your marketing lists by removing duplicate and invalid email addresses. Don’t lose valuable leads to simple typos and data entry errors. Make automatic repairs and fixes to names and email addresses wherever possible.

Act-On keeps track of email addresses to which delivery has failed (“bounced”) in the past, as well as email addresses that have registered spam complaints (by pressing the “this is spam” button in Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL, and so on). Remove these addresses automatically from your marketing lists. Synchronization

Act-On offers complete integration with to pull in the leads and contacts you need for your marketing campaigns.

Unlike the majority of marketing automation platforms, Act-On does not automatically bring across the entire Salesforce database. Instead, it allows you to decide just how much to bring across. In many cases, it is enough to just bring across the members of one or more of your Salesforce campaigns.

Whatever the subset you select, Act-On will keep this subset in sync and up-to-date. You can also define dynamic segments in Act-On representing qualified new leads for your Salesforce account. As your marketing campaigns cause new prospects to qualify into these segments dynamically, Act-On can add them automatically to your Salesforce leads table for follow up.