Evergage Overview

Act-On and Evergage Together, Deliver a Personalized Customer Journey Experience

Unite Evergage’s advanced personalization capabilities with Act-On Marketing Automation to easily deliver 1:1 Adaptive Journeys at scale.

Combining in-depth behavioral analytics and customer data with advanced machine learning, Evergage provides the one platform you need to systematically understand and interact with each person that visits your site or uses your app – one at a time, “in the moment” and at scale – to deliver a maximally relevant, individualized experience.

Personalization is the future of digital marketing, and we believe it should be easy for marketers – without the need for developers or IT – to understand their audiences and respond in real time with the most engaging experiences and the most relevant recommendations. Our customers delight their visitors, prospects and customers every day, building valuable relationships that lead to greater revenues and customer loyalty. Evergage has delivered personalized experiences to more than 2 billion web visitors and users of over 150 organizations, including Academy Sports, Endurance International Group, Intuit, Publishers Clearing House, Rue La La, Zumiez and more.

Founded in 2010 and based in Somerville, MA, Evergage is a two-time winner in the Golden Bridge Awards, Stevie American Business Awards, Best in Biz Awards and MITX Awards; a two-time BostInno “50 on Fire” finalist; and a TechCrunch Disrupt finalist.

KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: Advanced analytics capabilities capture the source, behavior and intent of every website visitor or application user. This information (and more) is stored inside each individual's Unified Customer Profile.
RESPOND IN REAL TIME: Timing is everything! Deliver highly relevant, personalized experiences and recommendations - down to the 1:1 level - in real time. Conduct targeted A/B and multivariate testing to optimize success.

“I am a huge advocate of Evergage and recommend the platform to my colleagues regularly. Not only does it enable us to discover valuable information about our millions of subscribers, it also lets us immediately use that information to generate incremental revenue.”

EVP of Innovation & Strategy Endurance, International Group

“Partnering with Evergage has been a very positive experience, from implementation to website optimization. It has enabled us to interact on a more personal level with new visitors as well as those who are already engaged with us, leading to a sizable increase in conversions and a great ROI.”

Associate VP of Digital Operations, Publishers Clearing House

Evergage Core Features

BEHAVIORAL TRACKING: Determine the true interests and intent of each visitor, user or account by combining click-tracking with monitoring of time spent, inactivity, mouse movement, scrolling, hovering and more.
SEGMENTATION: Leverage insights from current and past session behavior along with internal and external data sources to segment visitors, users and accounts in real time.
TARGETING: Deliver personalized messages, content and experiences based on real-time segmentation – anywhere in a page, app or email – all without flicker.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Utilize machine-learning algorithms to display 1:1 content and product recommendations based on an individual’s preferences and affinities.
TESTING:Deploy A/B and multivariate tests to different, targeted audiences to ensure cross-channel experiences are optimized for effectiveness.
ANALYTICS & ATTRIBUTION: Access customer analytics and campaign statistics in real time. Monitor segment membership, and attribute results to personalization and external campaign sources.