Engagement Insights

Data-Driven Marketing Made Easy

Reports are only as good as the action they drive and the ease with which the broader marketing team can access and leverage it. With Engagement Insights, Act-on provides a templated approach to measuring marketing performance using tools you already use today – Google Sheets or Excel. Now you can provide real-time insight on how your audience is engaging, to anyone in your organization, without the hard work of manual configuration and customization.

Engagement Insights supports Marketing’s key reporting needs:

ACTIONABLE Marketers need easy access to reporting that provides meaningful insights - to drive improvement and optimization of their marketing programs and show the impact they’re having on their organization.
SHAREABLE In-app reports are great for users, but what about other key stakeholders? Marketers need a way to quickly and easily provide real time access to all engagement statistics, across their organization.

Engagement Insights Reports

Effective marketing is leaning towards being quantitative instead of qualitative. Engagement Insights provides visibility into the overall performance (including monthly and weekly trends) giving your marketing team actionable insights into these four key areas:

EMAIL & MESSAGES Visibility into key metrics across all your email campaigns including number of emails sent, opened and click rates.
FORMS Knowledge of exactly which forms are helping turn unknown visitors into marketing qualified leads as well as easily see form view and submit trends.
LANDING PAGES Insight into which landing pages are performing the best – including engagement trends across all landing pages over time.
CONTENT Understand what your audience is responding to – and when they’re responding – to guide future content production and activation efforts.

Templated Reporting: Insights With Ease

Not everyone enjoys making pivot tables or the slicing and dicing it takes to build custom reports with their marketing data. But most enjoy the reliability and confidence they feel when making marketing decisions using a data-driven strategy. With the templated approach of Engagement Insights, any marketer can get all of their key engagement data inside everyday business tools (Google Docs and Excel) to easily share with stakeholders across their organization.

Engagement Insights Use Case

As a marketing leader, you might have a dozen campaigns running in just the first month of any given quarter. With high lead goals, you need to be able to quickly understand and adjust efforts based on which emails, landing pages, and assets are driving the most conversions. Engagement Insights provides these details and allows you to easily set up a distribution list – and the send cadence – for your reports. This gives your team leads and execs visibility into these key metrics and a quantifiable way for them to make decisions that drive results.

Like Everything Else With Act-On – Powerful, Yet Simple

In addition to our great out-of-the box reporting, Engagement Insights makes it a snap to further prove Marketing’s value to growing the business. This truly is data-driven marketing, made easy.