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Email Marketing

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Email is a powerhouse for business. With an ROI that beats all other forms of digital marketing, email is hard-working, highly effective, and the preferred communication channel of your customers and leads.

Act-On’s combination of simplicity and power makes it easy to create, personalize, test, deploy, and measure your email campaigns – all from a single, intuitive platform. With Act-On, you have everything you need to deliver value, build trust, and drive commerce.

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With Act-On Email Marketing, You Can…

  • Send your first email in minutes
  • Increase engagement and conversion with personalization and segmentation
  • Learn about your audience and close more sales with effective lead scoring and nurturing
  • Match the message to the recipient on-the-fly with dynamic content
  • Deliver and manage multiple campaigns, messages, and segments simultaneously
  • Integrate your email marketing with other channels and tools, including social media, your website, and CRM
  • Optimize your campaigns with A/B testing
  • Analyze campaign effectiveness and gain actionable intelligence in real time with detailed reports
  • Measure your ROI by campaign, content, segment, sales phase, revenue impact, and more



Craft professional emails in minutes with Act-On’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface. No need to know HTML. Choose one of our templates or import your own. Next, compose your message using pre-created or original content, add images and action buttons, and even insert forms and create matching landing pages with one click. Finally, add trackable links, customize your greeting and signature, and your message is ready.


Targeting your messages and campaigns is the most effective way to build trust, boost engagement, and increase conversion. With Act-On, you can easily create audience segments based on criteria such as demographics, firmographics, and behaviors. Use dynamic content to customize specific components of your email such as a text block, image, or offer. This lets you send one email that’s automatically customized to varying segments.


Evaluate your campaign before launch to ensure your emails look great and make it to the inbox. Preview your email across 30+ desktop and mobile clients and devices. Perform A/B tests to identify the best-performing versions, from subject lines to designs. When you’re ready to launch, Act-On checks spam scores, ensures CANSPAM compliance, and suppresses duplicates and opt-outs from your list segments. Post-launch, bounces and opt-outs are recorded, helping to keep your list clean.


Measure performance results in real time – from opens, clickthroughs, and bounces to resulting website visits, form submissions, and sales. Dashboards and in-depth reports give you a clear picture of your campaign’s impact, helping you optimize future efforts and assess true ROI.

For a sales team that relies heavily on email, there really isn’t another option. Nothing can handle the needs of a salesperson the way Act-On can.”

Chad Burmeister
Director of Corporate Sales, ON24


Automation is email marketing’s secret weapon, measurably increasing its power and effectiveness, and turning it into an integrated support tool for your other initiatives. A short list includes building nurture programs that support the buyer’s journey, launching trigger email programs that deliver specific messages based on an action, and using drip emails to automate scheduled messages over time.