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Email Deliverability Best Practices

Delivery Best Practices for Act-On Customers

Before your carefully crafted email can move a prospect to action, that email must reach the inbox.

Here’s a collection of actions marketers can take to help ensure deliverability
For more information, please see Act-On’s eBook, Best Practices for Email Delivery.

Build and Manage a Great List

Contacts who opt in are your best prospects

Build a list of prospects who want your email

  • Encourage recipients to add you to their address books> make it easy to do so
  • Segment your lists so you can target prospects with relevant content
  • Have a clear privacy policy for subscribers
  • Honor unsubscribe requests immediately

List cleaning

  • Clean your list when it becomes less responsive
  • Re-engage inactive contacts with highly targeted messaging and offers
  • Purge inactive contacts when needed, to keep dead wood off your lists

Smart sending

  • Preview and test emails
  • Carefully proof both HTML and plain text
  • Clean your lists before sending> bounces and other refusals will slow delivery down
  • Don’t send on Tuesday morning just because you read that’s the best time. Test and benchmark your own mailing schedule

Spam filters look at what recipients do, as well as bounces

  • Don’t keep sending to people who don’t respond. Spam filters track when your mail gets ignored or moved to “Junk” and consider all your email less deliverable
  • Keep your lists clean. Delivery goes down with hard bounces or spam traps (dead addresses used to trap spammers)

Build a Bullet-Proof E-mail

Well made email pass more spam filters and get better results

  • Craft content to pass spam filters
  • Use a consistent “From” address
  • Make sure your company name and contact information is obvious
  • Craft a clear, strong subject line and create compelling, concise content
  • Make sure links point to valid domains
  • Have a high ratio of text to images; avoid image-only email
  • Avoid hard-to-read font colors and color combinations
  • Don’t use all caps
  • Make the opt-out process easy and obvious
  • Comply with all CAN-SPAM requirements