Deliver Flawless Emails Faster

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Create personalized, responsive email messages that look great across multiple devices and email clients – and do it faster than ever before. With Act-On’s streamlined Email Composer, building and sending a message is a snap. You can:
• Custom-tailor your messages with pinpoint personalization
• Design and build professional-looking templates in minutes
• Ensure consistent display across multiple devices and readers
• Launch every email with confidence and improve the results of your campaigns
Just follow the streamlined, four-step process and put your ideas into action.

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Accurate Addressing

Make sure your message goes to the right recipients – right up front – and that the envelope is addressed to
ensure deliverability. Once you’ve selected the contact lists for your message, the corresponding mail merge fields show up. The Composer helps you avoid errors and missing data fields and helps you make your messages feel personal, relevant, and tailored to your audience.

Easy-To-Use Tools

Speed up production and unleash your creativity with a simplified, organized design center. Create a new email – or edit an existing one – using drag-and-drop elements that you can rearrange and customize on the fly. Want to turn a one-column into a two-column format? Add a border? Change the background color? Switch the font? You have the power. Plus, you can change the stationery as well, so the whole template – and all the design elements – updates automatically.

Responsive Design

Take advantage of advanced responsive design capabilities to deliver an email that renders dynamically across multiple devices and looks good doing it. Using powerful preview capabilities, you can see exactly how each email will appear. When you preview the message and resize your viewing window, you can watch the responsive design in action – the elements of your message instantly rearrange themselves to fit the new size. Plus you can double-check personalization fields and use the built-in spell check to catch errors in the main body of the email as well as the headers and footers.

Simplified Send

Use the preview capabilities to see how your message looks on a desktop or mobile device as HTML or text, and then send a test version to make sure it’s working perfectly. Schedule it to go out in the future or send it right away. You can also add the message to a campaign, or attach a CRM record indicating that your lead or contact has been sent the email.

With Act-On’s Email Composer, Email Marketing Best Practices Are Just Part Of The Process.