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Benefits of a Dedicated Instance: Power & Speed

If you have larger database needs, high launch capacity requirements, and/or specialized data requirements, then Act-On’s Dedicated Instance option is for you.

Dedicated Performance

Never wait behind others to launch your email campaigns.

In contrast to the constraints of a busy multi-tenanted environment, when you choose a dedicated instance, all the instance’s system resources are reserved exclusively for your account. You can run multiple large campaigns in parallel, and know they’ll launch as you intend. When you run automated programs, synchronize your data, or integrate apps with your website, your speed and performance are not affected by the demands of other people’s accounts.


With a dedicated instance, you’ll get more than 5X the mailing throughput of a typical multi-tenanted environment. Faster email launches, faster-loading landing pages – more power.

Dedicated Storage & Data Isolation

Your storage performance is protected from the impact of other high-demand customers.

The storage volumes for a dedicated instance are dedicated exclusively for your account’s storage needs and input/output demand. You don’t compete for resources with other tenants, so high-demand tasks such as list segmentation and complex automated programs go much faster.

You also get storage isolation from other customers, plus dedicated resources for backup, snapshot, or recovery. If you need a custom data retention, backup, removal, or encryption schedule or policy applied to your dedicated reserved storage, our operations team can help.

Dedicated Monitoring

Rest easy. We’re on watch.

Act-On facilitates 7x24x365 monitoring and operational alerts for your dedicated instance so you enjoy high availability, reliability, and up-time of our platform, without breaking a sweat. You get the highest reliability while minimizing impacts and effects from any other customers’ use of the Act-On platform.

Software Updates

Stay up to date, automatically.

Your dedicated instance will be maintained with an up-to-date operating system, application system, and security patches, and will be included in the weekly Act-On platform release update. If you have special needs, our operations team can work with you to establish a custom schedule.

Provisioned for Growth

Grow easy.

With a dedicated instance, the allocated system resources can be easily provisioned to increase capacity as your marketing programs – and your customer base – grow.