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CRM Integration Kit

Put prospect behavioral history in the cross hairs of your sales team – Send trackable, marketing-developed emails right from your sales system


Act-On Software integrates with several CRM systems — right out of the box. If yours isn’t yet supported, the Act-On CRM Integration kit is the way to put key Act-On functionality front and center in your CRM. After a small customization of your CRM, you can arm your sales team with information that will allow them to focus their resources on the prospects who are most ready to buy. Act-On’s CRM Integration kit puts the Act-On Activity History and email tools in the place where they will do the most good – in front of your sales team, in the environment they’re used to.

Is this prospect ready to buy?

One of the difficulties that sales organizations face is focusing scarce resources on those prospects most likely to buy. With Act-On Software’s Activity History button you can bring the engagement metrics of a prospect right to your sales team’s screens.

Engage the prospect

With Act-On Software’s Send Email button, your sales users can email prospects directly using Act-On instrumented email and personalized templates. With the CRM Integration kit, you’re getting the best of all worlds – unparalleled delivery, and unmatched insight into how your prospect interacts with the email, including whether they open it or click on anything in the email.

With the Act-On CRM Integration Kit, you can extend the reach of valuable prospect activity data by putting it into the hands of your sales team.

Getting started

The Act-On CRM Integration Kit works with many customizable CRM systems. Simple technical documentation gives you the steps needed for your CRM customization. Contact your Act-On sales manager or Customer Success Manager to learn more about this feature and get the technical documentation.