Automated Programs

Build Your Customer’s Journey & Achieve A Sustainable Advantage …Automatically

Automated programs make it much easier to effectively move your leads along the buyer’s journey, from awareness to sales-readiness to purchase – and beyond.

With techniques including drip marketing, trigger emails, and lead nurturing, automated programs let you replicate your most successful campaigns quickly, easily, and at enormous scale without the burden of manually managing repetitive tasks.

The result? Self-perpetuating campaigns that are personalized, targeted, and customized so they deliver the right message to the right person at precisely the right time – automatically, reliably, and with far fewer resources.

Act-On’s automated programs give you the tools to harness the full power of always-on, insight-driven automation. Powerful, effective, and drag-and-drop simple,

Act-On helps you lay your burden down and focus on the important stuff: building loyal relationships that drive revenue.

“Marketers who take advantage of  automated programs have seen conversion rates as high as 50%.

Feb 2013

With Automated Programs, You Can:

  • Deliver key messages that align with where your prospects are in the buying cycle based on their interests, attributes, and behaviors … automatically.
  • Use “if-then” logic to tailor subsequent messages that precisely and appropriately match each prospect’s needs based on their previous actions.
  • Dramatically reduce resource time and labor costs by creating your campaigns only once, and then letting them run on autopilot per your instructions.
  • Refocus significant bandwidth on other strategic marketing efforts, while simultaneously running more – and more effective – campaigns.
  • Get more time to analyze results and home in on optimizing what works.

Automated Programs

Put Your Marketing Campaigns To Work For You … 24/7

Sending the right messages at the right time is essential to cultivating leads and closing sales. Act-On automated programs help you stay front-and-center with prospects, leads, and customers, so they’re more likely to think of you when they’re ready to buy or take the next step.

Drip marketing. Engage your prospective customers via a series of email messages automatically delivered at scheduled intervals. Tune messages for each buying- cycle stage to best ensure the content is relevant and valuable. Target content based on each prospect’s attributes and responses to past campaigns.

Triggering. Effectively respond to specific actions (“triggers”) by automating specific responses. Triggered emails such as welcome messages, reminders to complete a shopping cart order, or expiring trials, can work wonders for the top line.

Additional triggers can automate your list-management processes, thereby ensuring your contacts are always channeled into the most appropriate segments for your marketing and sales efforts.

Opportunities for triggering are everywhere, limited only by your imagination.

Implement Easily

Setting up an automated program is easy – no coding skills required – and can be completed in as little as an hour. With Act-On’s drag-and-drop editor, you can quickly create your program’s sequence of steps, such as which emails to send, how frequently, and in which order.

And it doesn’t stop there. Act-On’s intuitive interface lets you tailor and customize your automated programs using conditional “if-then” logic. This allows you to set up relevant follow-up communications that are sent automatically based on a lead’s attributes, interests, and behaviors.

I highly recommend Act-On to all email marketers or those with lead nurturing programs.”

Wendy Guerin, Director of Marketing

Integrate Seamlessly

The Act-On platform is designed to play nicely with others, including business-critical applications and systems you use – and depend on – every day. Most can be connected in just a few clicks. For example:

CRM integration with SalesForce, Sugar, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, and more can turn your automated programs into powerful lead-nurturing machines.

WebEx and GoToWebinar integration lets you plan and measure your online events from a single interface. Combine webinars with pre- and post-event drip marketing campaigns, and see your results soar.

APIs (application program interfaces) let your programs, systems, and applications talk to each other – and to you – using a “language” and interface that’s familiar and easy to learn. From email campaigns, content, and reporting to other applications you use now or in the future, Act-On APIs can be created quickly, so you can get back to business.