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[Automatically] Create Highly Targeted Campaigns

Your prospect lists have lots of data points, from lots of sources. And that data is always changing as your prospects engage with your content at different times on their buying journey. How do you make sense of it all to be able to more personally connect with your perfect buyer?

With Act-On’s Adaptive Segmentation, you can easily create tightly targeted list segments that tie together demographic data + with behavior metrics + and time = to create dynamically segmented lists. This will enable you to send the best message, at the perfect time, via the ideal channel, to your prospects. Adaptive Segmentation can be used to identify your most ideal prospects, move contacts appropriately through lifecycle stages as they engage, and even recognize contacts that may need a little more “love” allowing you to allocate your internal resources more effectively.

List management
Create a segment

The result of Adaptive Segmentation is increased deliverability, better personalization, and more targeted marketing efforts for managing the customer journey.

For example, you want to begin focusing on C-level prospects that have attended at least 2 webinars. To further understand their level of engagement and interest, you send some follow-up emails that include forms to collect more data. This data can then be used to target those prospects in a much more specific way based on those now-identified interests by entering them into personalized nurture campaigns and even sending alerts to sales with specific, follow-up talk tracks.

Example of Act-On's Adaptive Segmentation

Act-On progressively adds more information to your prospects’ profiles as their engagement with your brand increases, whether from events, to email, to forms, to social media posts. This will increase your conversions and sales velocity by reaching out with relevant messages when prospects are most engaged with your company. Act-On’s Adaptive Segmentation determines when a prospect meets your criteria and routes them automatically in and out of your campaigns to drive the next best action in their buying journey.