Act-On Overview

Rethink Marketing

Go Beyond Lead-to-Revenue Cycles

Marketers can direct the experience throughout the entire customer lifecycle and show results at each stage.

Break down the barriers between silos

Sales and service can build rapport and generate revenue using marketing intelligence gathered across channels, tools, and roles.

Get Going Fast

Just set up your account, connect your database and start marketing. No need to know HTML or involve IT support. Quick to launch, quick to ROI.

Keep Your Favorite Tools

Act-On integrates with the most popular CRM and CMS systems, social networks, web and event management systems, data sources, and tools such as Litmus, AdWords, and LinkedIn. You control your marketing stack – not the other way around.

Unlock Your Engagement Data

Act-On offers a wide variety of data import and export methods including CRM sync, FTP, and APIs, so all of your data goes where you want it, when you want it to.

Act-On Anywhere

Get all the benefits of Act-On any place in the cloud. Work in your favorite CMS (Drupal, WordPress, etc.), CRM (Sugar, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, NetSuite, Infor CRM, et al.) – or any other web environment.

Unlimited Support Included

Unlimited personal support is part of your package, and it doesn’t run out after 90 days. You get help when you need it, for as long as you need it. From real people, who get to know you and your company.

Act-On at a Glance

World-Class Platform

  • Full inbound and outbound functionality across channels – without complexity
  • Seamless integration and orchestration between functions
  • Provides acquisition, retention, and expansion engagement data for ROI

Realistic Pricing

You get the entire Act-On platform for an affordable price; no hidden charges.

Support & Training Included

  • Unlimited personal support
  • Instructor-led, self-paced, public, private
  • Act-On University; Center of Excellence

Thriving Ecosystem

Tap into our network of agency partners, consulting partners, or Act-On’s Pro Services to maximize your business growth.

Extensible Platform

Tools and resources to build the perfect application and integrate it with Act-On.

A Cloud-Based Platform Designed for Marketing and Sales Teams

Marketers: You’ll have a well-crafted suite of intuitive and easy-to-use marketing tools at your fingertips to manage the lifecycle of customer engagement and orchestrate coordinated programs across departments and channels.

Sales: You’ll have your own Act-On view, right in your CRM if you use one. Get prioritized leads daily, alerts for important web visitors, and complete lead profiles with activity histories – no matter where you are on the web.

Platform Nuts & Bolts

How You Benefit

Email Marketing Engine Intuitive, powerful, and robust, our email engine lets you control every aspect of your campaigns, including sending in the recipient’s time zone. Use A/B split testing to determine which email will deliver the results you want. Deliverability tools include email fatigue suppression level settings.
Email Composer You don’t need HTML skills to build responsive design emails that look great on any device; the streamlined Composer makes it easy. Test how your message will look across different devices. Plus: free high-quality stock photographs for your use.
Automated Programs Use drag-and-drop tools to set up drip and nurture campaigns that automatically run at the right cadence and frequency. Determine your own entrance and exit criteria, and monitor results in real time in a highly visual display. Create onboarding programs, loyalty programs, trigger emails, thank-you pages, and see your results.
Account-Based Marketing Get a single account view including the buying team and influencers. Create account-based email nurture campaigns; coordinate account-specific communication by journey stage, across multiple channels. Use account scoring to measure readiness to buy or to kick off a calling campaign.
Act-On Anywhere No matter what web-based environment you’re in, you can click the Act-On Anywhere icon to access your Act-On features, including the activity history for any person matching an email in your Act-On database. Marketers can stay in their CMS or any other program; sales reps can work in their CRM, or LinkedIn, or email program, etc.
Lead Scoring Two words: increased revenue. Lead scoring dramatically increases your ability to engage prospects, qualify leads, and identify those who are sales-ready.
Website Visitor Tracking Learn who is visiting your website: what company they’re from, which pages they visit, and what they download. With this intelligence, marketers can optimize messages and campaigns, and sales knows how to begin the conversation.
Landing Pages and Forms Create responsive landing pages that use dynamic personalization to boost your conversion rates, and progressive forms that help build relationships at a comfortable pace. Professional landing pages and forms are easy to build, easy to A/B test, and quick to deploy, from your favorite template or from scratch.
Social Marketing Use Social Publish to schedule and share assets on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Use the Twitter Prospector to find leads. Check out how your social traffic stacks up to the competition. Track your AdWords spend to actual closed sales and revenue.
SEO Audit Analyze any web page, no matter where it’s hosted. Add and fine-tune metadata with SEO best practice guidelines that evolve as search does.
Analytics and Reports Real-time campaign results and deeper-dive analysis help you make informed decisions – from small campaign tweaks to business-critical course corrections.