Marketing Automation Workshop

Move Beyond the Basics

Are you interested in moving beyond the basics of Act-On and marketing automation? Ready to dive deeper into marketing automation strategy, and create actionable steps to generate better leads and higher revenue numbers? We have the course just for you!

The Marketing Automation (MA) Masters Workshop is a live, interactive 2-day workshop designed for Act-On users who have developed a thorough understanding of platform functionality, and are looking to maximize their investment by applying strategic marketing automation principles to their Brand, Demand, and Expand marketing efforts.

Participants in this course will leave with the ability to craft their own personalized and thorough marketing plan to be used in conjunction with Act-On’s powerful automation features to drive all of your marketing efforts.

What makes up the Act-On University Marketing Automation Masters Program?

MA Masters is an advanced level course for Act-On users to develop their strategic marketing skills. In this workshop, we cover key performance metrics, effective content strategies, and automated methodologies for high performance marketing programs. On the last day, you’ll be tested on the topics covered throughout the course to ensure understanding, retention, and practice of the methodologies of effective marketing automation. Upon completion, you’ll be awarded a certificate and badge that you can proudly display in your office and on your professional social media accounts!


sunrise Morning

What is Marketing Automation Strategy

Meaningful Personas

Defining Buy Stages

sunset Afternoon

Mapping the Buyer Journey

Interpreting Behavior Signals

Marketing Process


sunrise Morning

Organizing Actionable Lists

Developing a Channel Plan

Tailoring Content

sunset Afternoon

Measuring Success and Reporting

Troubleshooting Marketing Problems

Final assessment


Who should attend Marketing Automation Masters?

Any Act-On customer who is looking to deepen their knowledge of marketing automation and add valuable skills to their marketing tool belt.

Are there prerequisites?

  • Completion of the Marketing Automation 101 course (live or on-demand) in Act-On University is required. Click here to attend the next course, or view the on-demand course.
  • Completion of Foundational, Intermediate, and Advanced courses in Act-On University is highly recommended prior to attending this course.
  • An active Act-On services agreement, and the drive to successfully complete the requirements.

How do I sign up?

Please complete the form below to register.

Is there a fee to attend the course?

Yes, there is a $1,500 per user fee. The attendee must also cover their own travel and expenses to attend.

Do I need to be enrolled in the Act-On University Certification Program to attend the course?

No, you are not required to enroll in the Certification Program to attend this course. If you are interested in becoming Act-On University Certified, click here to learn more.

How long do I have to complete this course?

You will have one year (365 calendar days) to attend the Marketing Automation Masters course upon registration.

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