Marketing Automation Certification Program

Distinguish Yourself from the Pack

Develop the skills necessary to build an effective marketing automation (MA) program and become the Act-On expert at your company!

Act-On University’s Certification Program is a comprehensive curriculum designed to:

1. Help you gain a deeper understanding of the Act-On platform
2. Help you market successfully across the entire buyer’s journey
3. Generate leads and revenue for your organization
4. Enable professional development
5. Keep you up-to-date on key marketing automation topics

Upon completion of your selected and assigned learning path, you’ll be awarded Certificates of Completion and badges that you can proudly display in your office and on your professional social media accounts!

Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generation Machine

What makes up the Act-On University Certification Program?

First, you’ll select the learning path that you want to pursue based on your current role, your organization’s needs, or simply your professional development needs. Start with the Foundations learning path to become an Act-On expert, and then raise your marketing game with our Marketing Automation (MA) Masters Workshop. Each learning path combines live instruction, self-paced learning, homework assignments, and complete assessments to ensure your full understanding, retention, and practice of the topics.


Who should get certified?

Any current Act-On customer who is looking to challenge themselves and deepen their knowledge of Act-On and marketing automation.

Are there prerequisites?

Just an active Act-On services agreement and the drive to successfully complete the requirements.

If I attended a course before enrolling in the Certification Program, will I get credit for that course?

Yes, you’ll receive credit for completing that course and the credit will apply towards your Learning Path for certification as long as the course was taken within the past year. Please contact to confirm.

What’s the Do-It-All Marketer learning path?

This path is designed for users who have fewer than three (3) members on the marketing team. This allows the learner to obtain the broadest understanding and knowledge of Act-On and marketing automation without being restricted to a specific role.

How do I sign up?

Click here to register.

Is there a fee to be certified?

Yes, there is a fee to be certified. The fee structure is as follows:

  • $300 per user per Foundations Learning Path

Will I be certified in the Foundations learning path if I simply attend the New User Boot Camp?

New User Boot Camp attendance ($450 per seat) fulfills the course requirements of the Foundations Brand, Demand, and Expand learning paths; however, completion of the self-paced modules, homework assignments, and assessments are still required for certification. Upon successful completion of New User Boot Camp and all other requirements, you’ll be certified in Brand marketing, Demand marketing, and Expand marketing.

How long do I have to complete my certification learning path?

You will have one year (365 calendar days) to complete your selected learning path. If that time has passed and you haven’t yet completed your learning path, please contact your Regional Sales Manager to re-subscribe and extend your access for another 365 calendar days. Please note: You’ll be billed for the appropriate certification fee if you wish to re-subscribe.