Private Marketing Automation Training

Let us help you promote your brand, generate more demand, and expand your reach! Whether you’re new to Act-On or a seasoned veteran of marketing automation, we can help you learn the foundational and advanced functionalities of the Act-On platform through a variety of private training workshops. We offer courses that are geared to help you implement and set up your account, as well as help you market in every stage of the buyer’s journey using the Act-On platform. During these workshops, you’re going to learn how to fully leverage the Act-On platform, and you’re going to see it in action as YOU begin working in your own Act-On profile at the same time!


Ready to get started? Awesome – first, select one of the options below:

  • Virtual Custom Workshops* – $1,500 per one-hour course tailored to your company
  • Two-day On-site Standard Workshops* – $7,500 + travel and expenses per engagement
  • Two-day On-site Custom Workshops – $10,000 + travel and expenses per engagement

* Select from any of the courses in the University course catalog.

Once you’ve made the choices, if you have any questions, or would like to create a custom training plan altogether, make sure to contact Act-On University at