Act-On + Evergage: The Power of Personalization

In recent years, consumer expectations have increasingly driven demand for a more individualized and unique digital experience. Today’s buyer is taking those expectations into the B2B realm as well, requiring B2B brands to create smarter, more responsive, and personalized experiences throughout their customer journey.

Act-On and Evergage have teamed up to deliver an integrated solution for helping marketers deliver the best possible customer journey experience.

Evergage combines in-depth behavioral analytics and customer data with advanced machine learning to provide the real-time personalization platform you need to understand and interact with each person that visits your website – one at a time, “in the moment”, and at scale.

When you combine this level of advanced personalization with Act-On’s robust automation engine, you get a solution that allows you to deliver an Adaptive JourneysTM experience to your customers – one that is timely, relevant, and personalized.


Real-Time Email Content Personalization

Easily deploy messages that target your email banners, email messaging, and offers to specific audiences, or provide 1:1 content recommendations based on past activity – all in real time, at the second that person opens your message.

Using Evergage, you can design a personalized email experience and deliver it to customers using Act-On email templates. Within the Evergage platform, simply build a personalized email campaign and then copy the campaign’s html code into the custom code block within the Act-On email composer.

Email Click-through Drives Website Personalization

Create a unified campaign experience for individuals who click on specific emails, by delivering personalized web experiences that dynamically change based on their email engagement.

Offer A
Offer B

For example, Sally clicks on your email campaign about offer A, so when she gets to your website, she will see a header image and messaging that relates to offer A. While Jim clicks on a different email campaign about offer B, so when he gets to the same page on the website, he sees a header image and messaging about offer B.

The Evergage script on your website automatically detects the UTM parameters from the click on the email, and then dynamically personalizes the content on the page as the visitor arrives to your website. The personalized experience can carryover to other webpages or even be displayed when a visitor returns to your website in the future.

Evergage campaigns can also be used to target visitors based on a visitor’s, company name, industry, firmographic data (e.g., number of employees), known preferences and affinities, CRM attributes, content consumed, actions taken and more.

When you combine the power of Act-On and Evergage together, you can adapt to each customer and visitor individually, delivering a more effective, dynamic customer experience.

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