Turn Data Into Action With Act-On

The Data You Need – When You Need It – In The Format You Want It In.

Act-On Data Studio makes it easy to view, visualize, and export data so you can use the business intelligence tools you prefer to get valuable marketing insights faster.

Easy-To-Use Power Tools

Everything about Data Studio gives you easy and quick access to all of your data. Gain a comprehensive view of your marketing campaign data, and web interactions, then combine this information with historical data such as purchase behavior and support issues. Use this insight to create personalized engagements that drive loyalty, provide upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and deliver more revenue.

Open Options, Instant Insight

Put your data to work – any way you want, wherever you choose – with the extreme portability of Act-On Data Studio. Export data and give it to your own in-house experts, analyze it with your favorite tools, and connect it to data from other sources.

Unlike many marketing analytics solutions that force you into a single business intelligence (BI) solution, Act-On Data Studio puts the power in your hands. You can upload your data into the BI tool you’re already familiar with, such as Domo, SiSense, or Tableau, for analysis.

Just set up the automatic export to send files to a SFTP, or you can choose to have data pulled out of Act-On at regular intervals. It’s up to you.

Automated Solutions

Choose from a broad array of pre-configured common data sets that make it fast to drill down to the data you need, and refine them with an array of filters. Or dive right into the granular raw data as you choose. Pick the filters you want and select the destination for the data. The powerful scheduler lets you set daily, weekly, monthly, or custom date ranges – or export a one-off report right away.

Popular data sets include:

  • Email messages
  • Media
  • Forms
  • Landing pages
  • Website traffic

You can also combine most of these datasets with your Act-On campaign data, along with the information stored in your CRM solutions, for a 360-degree view of leads, contacts, and customers.

Picture The Possibilities

Use powerful yet simple data visualization tools to start making breakthroughs right away. Create high-impact visualizations, including bar, line, area and pie charts, and export them for custom reporting. For example, if you want to see which content or web pages are getting the best download rates, you can use the builtin graphs and charts to show the results.

You can also create heatmaps, where individual values are displayed in a matrix in a variety of color combinations. They’re a great way to spot trends and to identify valuable information. For example, you can see which days of the week and hours of the day drive the most engagement for your email campaign by mapping when it has been opened or clicked.

Since you can take advantage of the data where and when you need it, you can also just download a comma-separated values (CSV) file that you can open in Microsoft Excel , Google Sheets, or any other tool to create your own charts and reports.

An Open Ecosystem

Data Studio is part of Act-On’s open marketing ecosystem that helps you take full advantage of the tools you already use. Act-On’s flexible marketing platform makes it easy to integrate your CRM, BI, and other tools, and incorporate the newest tools and services as you need them. That way, your marketing solutions can be as unique as your business objectives. Act-On’s flexible Data Studio works the way you do – so you can focus on your results, not your technology.