Connecting, communicating, and resonating with clients is a major challenge for wealth management professionals and financial advisors, especially as many firms are struggling to capitalize on the digital transformation that has occurred over the last decade.

Common Marketing Challenges Impacting the Wealth Management Space

Standing Out From the Competition

Capturing the attention of clients in a competitive industry filled with similar offerings is extremely challenging. Wealth management firms have to make an effort to differentiate themselves to attract and secure new clients.

Lack of Resources

Smaller organizations are often lacking the time, personnel, and budget needed to execute timely, personalized, and successful marketing initiatives.

Targeted Marketing Is Difficult Due to Disjointed Technology

Financial organizations often use disconnected systems to gather and analyze information on prospective clients, making it difficult to understand and interpret their target audience to develop successful marketing efforts.

How Can Act-On Help Your Organization?

Act-On helps wealth management firms capture data from a variety of sources and leverage it to deliver targeted communications. Our marketing automation platform equips wealth management marketers with the tools they need to maximize their resources and launch effective campaigns that attract, nurture, and engage new and existing clients.

Gain Behavioral Insights

Capture and consolidate prospect and customer activity and engagement data from the web, social media, form submissions, and email to empower financial advisors and marketers to drive more targeted communications and conversations.

Remove Manual Processes to Accelerate Growth

Leverage an integrated marketing technology stack to eliminate manual data transfer and enable conditional logic to guide new and existing clients through a customized sales process and exciting customer journey.

Grow Clients With Upsell and Cross-Sell Campaigns

Leverage data from various sources (such as a CRM) to automatically segment your current customers and enter them into relevant upsell and cross-sell automated email drip campaigns.

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Financial marketers need to think “right-brain” and tap people’s emotions with a strategy that combines automation and personalization.


Act-On launches new strategic guidance for its financial services clients to help them maximize return on investment from marketing campaigns and reduce administration.


Sounds pretty great, right?

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Wealth Management Companies That Trust Act-On

Deliver a Personalized Approach

Act-On enables you to leverage behavior insights of prospects and clients to offer relevant personalized messaging. With segmentation, you can deliver dynamic content through trigger-based email campaigns that evolve with a client’s investment needs leading to more conversions and cross-sell opportunities.

You can also re-engage clients, avoid wealth transfers, and encourage loyalty with consistent, timely messaging across all channels using automated nurture programs.

Universal Funding Corporation Success Story


Transform Your Client’s Investment Journey

Act-On’s tracking capabilities give the Templeton & Company’s sales team a clear picture of how prospects interact with emails, webinars, and the Templeton websites, helping them to better personalize their prospect calls.

With Website Visitor Tracking, you can tune into what investment offerings interest your known prospects and clients. Wealth managers can easily build landing pages to engage clients at a personal level at the right time, and incorporate lead scoring to identify qualified sales leads and generate higher conversion rates through cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Templeton & Company Success Story


Unlock Your Data

With Act-On, Plante Moran’s marketing team has experienced stronger collaboration with sales, a more streamlined workflow and an increase in productivity, aided by our platform’s tight native integration with their Microsoft Dynamic CRM.

Act-On’s native integration with all major CRMs allows you to leverage data resources aligning marketing and sales to provide a unified view of the client’s investment search, leading to more personalized engagement and selling opportunities.

Plante Moran Success Story

Additional Wealth Management Organizations that Trust Act-On