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Financial advisors and wealth managers wanting to capture the attention of today’s digitally connected consumers need a marketing automation solution that cuts through the digital noise and delivers personalized financial investment knowledge at the right time to the right audience.

Act-On delivers personalized marketing efforts at scale, empowering wealth managers to realize their growth potential, drive the number of assets under management, and experience proven success.

Act-On is the linchpin that connects our customers & prospects to our sales & service efforts. It is an excellent and comprehensive platform.

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Maximize your growth potential using marketing automation

Act-On is easy to use and its personalization, segmenting, and reporting features are all top notch.

Deliver a personalized approach to optimize client acquisition/retention and mitigate wealth transfers

Act-On enables you to leverage behavior insights of prospects and clients to offer relevant personalized messaging. With segmentation, you can deliver dynamic content through trigger-based email campaigns that evolve with a client’s investment needs leading to more conversions and cross-sell opportunities.

You can also re-engage clients, avoid wealth transfers, and encourage loyalty with consistent, timely messaging across all channels using automated nurture programs.

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Transform your client’s investment journey and see better results

Act-On’s tracking capabilities give the Templeton & Company’s sales team a clear picture of how prospects interact with emails, webinars, and the Templeton websites, helping them to better personalize their prospect calls.

With Website Visitor Tracking, you can tune into what investment offerings interest your known prospects and clients. Wealth managers can easily build landing pages to engage clients at a personal level at the right time, and incorporate lead scoring to identify qualified sales leads and generate higher conversion rates through cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

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Unlock your data to grow business

With Act-On, Plante Moran’s marketing team has experienced stronger collaboration with sales, a more streamlined workflow and an increase in productivity, aided by our platform’s tight native integration with their Microsoft Dynamic CRM.

Act-On’s native integration with all major CRMs allows you to leverage data resources aligning marketing and sales to provide a unified view of the client’s investment search, leading to more personalized engagement and selling opportunities.

This functionality has given me the time to focus on other strategic elements of our program.

Make data-driven decisions

Act-On reporting and analytics tracks and measures all key marketing activities such as campaign performance, funnel reporting and revenue attribution, enabling you to quickly view which campaigns are resonating with your targeted audience, whether that be millennials or baby boomers, to generate results.

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Eliminate regulatory and compliance concerns

Do all of the new marketing compliance laws and the ramifications of being non-compliant have your head spinning? Industry experts agree that marketing automation software offers one of the best solutions for mitigating the burden of an evolving regulatory environment on marketing efforts. Here at Act-On, we have you covered.

In the current regulatory environment, proper consumer opt-in early in the buying process is critical. With Act-On you can stay on top of it along with planning, executing and better controlling all outgoing communications. You can save time as well by using compliance approved email templates when replicating and updating content.

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