Marketing Automation for
Software and SaaS Companies


Marketing Automation for software businesses is a no-brainer, but leveraging it effectively is not. Tech marketers need to be at the forefront of the latest trends, new tools, and the ability to integrate is a must. We understand that you’re expected to work smarter, with sophisticated strategies to fill your sales pipeline, keep your customer retention number pristine, and provide the right metrics to prove it.

Thankfully, Act-On allows you to achieve your marketing goals faster and while using fewer resources. Segment your target audiences for maximum impact, load and launch engaging campaigns, and track your results for future optimization – all within one easy-to-use platform!

We have automated programs now to train our new customers about product usage. We have improved customer retention in the form of contract renewals and fewer support queries when we release product updates. That’s a benefit that goes above and beyond what we expected when we started using Act-On.

SaaS Companies That Chose Act-On

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Learn how other tech marketers are using our SaaS marketing platform to build customer loyalty and maximize sales pipeline

Increase customer loyalty and retention

Specops uses Act-on post-sale to send monthly tips and training materials, followed up by a customer satisfaction survey to measure their overall happiness and renewal intent.

Act-On’s automated programs leverage CRM data to trigger a new customer welcome campaign as soon as the deal is closed. New customers receive the most helpful onboarding information at exactly the right time.

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Deliver a unique message that makes you stand out

Simscale uses Act-On to create messages that reflect the unique needs of their buyers, resulting in a 15% increase in new MQLs from emails.

Act-On’s email personalization and segmentation tools allow you to create a message that feels individualized for each recipient.

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Maximize lead acquisition targets

GBG uses Act-On to nurture prospects that download their content, which has resulted in an average of 170 MQLs per month and stronger alignment with sales.

Act-On’s gated content tools combined with automated programs help you capture new leads and keep them engaged until they’re ready to talk to sales.

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Create and improve alignment with sales

Ultimo Software uses Act-On to delight their sales team with easy-to-use tools that make their prospecting job easier.

Act-On’s Website Prospector enables sales to stay engaged with who is coming to your website, and follow up with Act-On trackable emails right from Gmail or Outlook.

Ready to unleash your marketing superpowers?