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Act-On for Sales

Spend Less Time Prospecting and More Time Selling

The name is a misnomer; marketing automation isn’t just for marketers. Marketing automation is a tool for optimizing the path to revenue – including closing sales. In fact, according to Bulldog Solutions, companies that invest in marketing automation solutions see 70% faster sales cycles and 54% improvement in quota achievement.

Act-On can help make it happen, so you can meet (and beat) your sales goals.

Act-On for Sales

Shorten the sales cycle

Lead nurturing, lead qualification, and lead scoring capabilities give marketing teams the muscle to deliver more – and better qualified – leads to sales, particularly for long sales cycles. At the same time, sales reps are further empowered with full visibility of each prospect: where they are in the buyer’s journey, their interests, engagement histories, and much more. The result: Sales can strike when the iron is hot.

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Automated Programs

Know who to call and what to say

Intelligence dashboards show sales reps every aspect of the prospect’s journey, including key actions they’ve taken on your site, keywords they’ve searched on, content they’ve viewed, and forms they’ve filled out. Armed with this knowledge, sales can effectively tailor their conversations to each prospect, and reach out at the right time … and with the right message.

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Forms Contact Profile

Get alerts when prospects take action

Do you know which of your prospects are on your website right now? Act-On’s website visitor tracking gives you direct visibility into who is visiting your website and what they’re looking for right now. Gain intelligence that helps you uncover anonymous visitors, learn more about known visitors, and receive immediate alerts when a particular person or company visits a target page or performs a specific action. Combine this insight with full visibility into your prospect’s history as well as turnkey integration with email, social, CRM, and more … and you’re ready to reach out warmly and meaningfully.

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Real-time Alerts

Ditch the cold calls

It’s a waste of time for salespeople to make cold calls to early-funnel prospects. Marketing automation helps bring those leads along the buyer’s journey until they’re qualified, and then hands them off to sales when they’re sales-ready, so sales can do what they do best: close deals.

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Funnel report

Send personalized emails

Sales reps can stay in touch with prospects by sending personalized Act-On emails (one or many) and see exactly who opens and clicks on those messages. To make it even easier, you can load pre-approved email templates that empower sales reps to send branded email messages with a couple of quick clicks.



Stay fully tied with your CRM

With Act-On, there’s no need for sales reps to learn a new tool, particularly one as critical as your customer relationship management system. Act-On has native integration with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Infor, Sugar, and NetSuite. We can also work with other systems without much hullabaloo. These integrations let sales view and access an expanded suite of real-time intelligence without leaving their CRM dashboards, saving significant time and effort.

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