Act-On for Healthcare

Marketing to healthcare buyers is complex.
Winning their trust doesn’t have to be.

Email marketing for the healthcare industry

Whether you’re influencing patients or purchasing agents, enforcing standards or stoking innovation, your challenge remains the same: Reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right messages.

This is where Act-On comes in, making email creation easier, more personal, and more effective.

Email templates for healthcare marketers
Choose from a variety of email templates and customize with your content to create surveys for patients, appointment reminders, and dynamic newsletters that feel personal to each recipient.

Responsive emails that display perfectly on mobile devices
Make your messages fully responsive, for access across all screen sizes – from desktop to mobile and everything in-between.

Seamless email segmentation
Segment your lists to better address the personal needs and issues of clients and patients, with calls-to-action that vary as you see fit – one for physicians, another for radiologists, another for hospital administrators.

Automate email for long-term engagement
Strengthen the patient-caregiver relationship with messages specific to age, ailment, or type of care needed. You can even program a series that runs on its own, without daily check-ins.

Make data-driven decisions
Understand the needs of patients and customers with real numbers. Report on response and engagement rates, or A/B test your emails to see which messages work best.


Landing pages built for engagement

Finding it tough to engage your audience at a personal level? A well-designed landing page can make a world of difference – enabling you to spot prospects that raise their hands while driving up your conversions in the process.


Landing page templates
Choose from a variety of landing page templates that can be customized with your own messages in minutes.

Responsive landing pages
Our landing page composer creates fully responsive designs that render seamlessly on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Capture conversions with forms
Forms make it easy to start maximizing conversions.

A/B Testing
Optimize your page performance with easy-to-use A/B testing.

Measure, report, optimize, repeat

Unleash your inner data geek! Track the impact of your campaigns with simple-yet-powerful dashboards and reporting tools. With integrated analytics, you can quickly see which emails are resonating with your audience (and which are not). Act-On gives you everything from high-level open and click metrics, to detailed clickthrough reports, to long-term funnel reports that track ROI over time.

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Healthcare marketing heroes

Success stories from Act-On users


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-Donna Lehmann


The beauty of Act-On is that it is simple to use – without sacrificing breadth and depth of functionality …Read More

-Doug Hart

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