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Build trust, and nurture profitable relationships

Act-On’s email engine gives you the power to create, test, and launch winning emails

Email is still the most effective communication tool. But mailboxes are flooded, and your emails have to stand out. Create stunning, responsive email messages that look great on smart phones, desktop clients, and everything in-between.

  • Email templates for financial services marketers

    We’ve got email templates you can use to serve your clients needs.

  • Responsive emails that display perfectly on mobile devices

    Fully responsive email designs that automatically render correctly on different screen sizes – from desktop to mobile and everything in-between.

  • Seamless email segmentation

    Send emails that feel personal to each recipient. Target message recipients based on their interest in different products (e.g insurance vs. financial planning), or target specific demographic characteristics such as age and income.

  • Automate email for long-term engagement

    Program a series of messages for audience segments that will run automatically without needing daily attention to get maximum engagement over time.

  • Make data-driven decisions

    Use Act-On campaign reporting to review email performance, and optimize every asset with A/B testing tools.


Landing pages built to engage your future clients

Can you engage with your audience at a personal level? Will you notice when they raise their hand for attention? Make it happen with a well-designed landing page built to win business.


  • Landing page templates

    Choose a landing page from our template library that can be customized with your own messages in just minutes.

  • Responsive landing pages

    Our landing page composer creates fully responsive designs that render seamlessly on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

  • Capture new client leads with forms

    Add forms and offers to your landing pages to capture new leads. Create appointment request forms, event registration forms, or white paper download forms with ease.

  • A/B Testing

    Optimize your page performance with A/B testing. Wondering if your financial planning seminar is more appealing as a webinar or a live event? Stop guessing and start testing.

Measure, report, optimize, repeat

Unleash your inner data geek! Track the impact of your campaigns with simple-yet-powerful dashboards and reporting tools. With integrated analytics, you can quickly see which emails are resonating with your audience (and which are not). Act-On gives you everything from high-level open and click metrics, to detailed clickthrough reports, to long-term funnel reports that track ROI over time.

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Act-On Reports

Financial services marketing heroes

Act-On Success Stories


Not long ago the Templeton & Company marketing team found itself juggling six different programs to meet marketing needs. The hodgepodge of systems required hours of manual data entry and didn’t integrate with their CRM, Microsoft Dynamics. Worse, none of the systems could deliver a comprehensive picture of results. The Templeton team needed something that could bring it all together. They chose Act-On for its ease of use and quick, robust Dynamics integration.


Act-On’s advanced features have also brought sophisticated targeting and higher response rates for campaigns, giving a boost to Truity Credit Union’s digital marketing by targeting recipients with the right message at the right time.

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Marketing Automation & Email Marketing Software You’ll Love

Act-On’s fresh approach to marketing automation and email marketing gives you full functionality without the complexity other systems impose on you. Our streamlined user interface puts first-rate marketing tools at your fingertips, making campaigns and programs easier and faster. Integrate your CRM, webinar management and other tools too, most with one click.