Act-On for Higher Education

Higher education marketers are turning to marketing automation solutions to save money, enhance overall branding, and manage multi-channel marketing communications.

Whether your house of higher education is a university or a trade school, public or private, Act-On can help it grow. Here are some of the ways:

  • Discover, engage, and recruit top candidates

    Act-On’s multi-channel platform can systematically identify, engage, nurture, and recruit top candidates that meet specific criteria over a variety of marketing channels including email, landing pages, search, and social media. 

  • Ensure high quality engagements

    Engage with students, alumni, donors, and professionals visiting your website. Act-On tracks visitors and their website activities, and then uses demographic and behavioral segmentation to drive tightly targeted campaigns. 

  • Automate and enhance fundraising, endowment, and gift planning promotions

    Promote fundraising by creating ongoing communications for various fundraising initiatives to help establish long-term relationships. 

  • Automate registration and enrollment

    Create behavior-based triggered messaging which can change dynamically depending on department, user, or interests. 

  • Manage communications across multiple channels

    Streamline communications for athletic events, performing arts, community or volunteer activities, or school-based webinar curriculum. Act-On makes it easy to segment your lists by event type, deliver timely campaigns, and manage event attendance.


Higher Education success

northern-illinois-univ. logo

Northern Illinois University’s OERD staff uses Act-On’s marketing automation platform to track and engage prospects and integrates it with CRM to connect potential students with advisors. It’s an entirely new way of approaching recruitment and Act-On has transformed the process for many programs.


Jessica Giraldo explains why Act-On is her “bread and butter” – enabling her to generate more resonant content, track emails more effectively, and further key education initiatives.


Act-On has rapidly become the number one student acquisition channel for McNally, vital in driving student traffic, bolstering recruitment and saving the college money. Where they used to spend tens of thousands of dollars in direct mail, radio and TV advertising, without any visibility into the results of those programs, Act-On analytics have allowed them to see the real outcomes of their campaigns.

See Act-On in action. Take a tour of our award-winning platform.

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Act-On higher education customers include: