Customer Case Studies

Act-On customers range from start-ups and fast-growing young companies to well-established enterprise institutions; from marketing teams in small and medium-sized businesses, to independent teams in large enterprise corporations. They use Act-On in many different ways to realize their marketing objectives – the one common denominator is the success they achieve.

Here are a few of their stories.


Learn how PeopleHR, a UK based software company that provide lightning fast cloud-based software systems for human resources (HR) professionals, went from an overload of leads to record breaking revenue in a few short months.

Mikogo Case Study

Since adopting Act-On two years ago, Mikogo has increased its sales by 30%, a tremendous lift in topline revenue for the company.

UP! Your Service

“In the year before we began using Act-On, we sent three newsletters. Now we send one a week. It’s easy; I can set up and send a targeted newsletter in about ten minutes. I can track results by campaign and by segment, so I know what works and what doesn’t.” —Shyam Kumar, Up! Your Service

CobbleStay Vacation Rentals

Because CobbleStay’s website is lush with images of luxe vacation spots, the vacation rental agency’s website gets a lot of visitors who are “just looking.” Learn how CobbleStay uses marketing automation to identify and prioritize the real prospects.

Lego Education

By implementing Act-On marketing automation, LEGO Education North America gained visibility into the sales funnel, customized campaigns, and optimized the marketing and sales process. Using automation and lead scoring, the LEGO Education marketing team is sending seven times as many email campaigns per year, including triggered and drip campaigns.

Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce

Learn how Act-On solutions helped the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce increase sales leads, boost email response, and continually improve results throughout the sales funnel.

Terry Forsey Consulting

Terry Forsey Consulting automated its marketing and developed a whole new line of business based on lead generation services, with Act-On.
“We’ve not simply automated what we used to do, but completely redeveloped our way of running sales and marketing within the business.” — Terry Forsey, Managing Director, Terry Forsey Consulting.


SupplyFrame wanted to go beyond the basics in its email marketing, but without having to swallow a lot of complexity. They implemented Act-On; what took previously took a day now takes an hour. They began using additional features such as list management, website analytics, and landing pages. The sales team benefits too; the behavior scoring, integrated with Salesforce, gives insight into prospects’ needs.


ON24 was looking for an email marketing solution that the sales team could use to communicate with leads; reps were using Outlook to send hundreds of emails a day. The team tried several platforms but found them too complex. Using Act-On’s customizable templates, ON24’s sales team sends emails that don’t look or feel like canned messages – giving email marketing a personalized feeling.


Using Act-On, The Spandex Group successfully rolled out online marketing campaigns in 14 countries and 9 languages. Roll-out took just one or two weeks per country, and included template and stationery translations, list set up, user training, website integration, and Salesforce integration.


RME has experienced a 49% increase in Monthly Lead Flow and a 68% decrease in Cost per Lead by using Act-On to deliver sharp insights into their prospects with real-time lead behavioral analysis and really easy list management. See how Act-On could deliver the same for your marketing organization.

Mede Analytics

We looked at other marketing automation systems and I felt they were too complicated; I wanted to keep it simple so we could get up and running quickly. The beauty of Act-On is that it is simple to use without sacrificing breadth and depth of functionality.


Act-On allows us to better qualify the leads that come in. We determine the quality of a lead based upon how many actions they take, and with Act-On we have a very good picture of those actions. Better follow-up, because of better data about a lead, is helping us close more sales.

HA Advantage

HA Advantage’s seasoned marketing team, while short on resources, was certainly not short on vision or ideas. See how they zoomed from “0 to 60″ using the Act-On Marketing Platform.


Act-On has enabled Progressive to expand its frequency of online events from 9 events over the course of 12 months to hosting 9 separate events on a single day.

First Insight

First Insight Corporation is seeing dramatic improvements in marketing process efficiency and bottom line results after switching to Act-On.


High-Impact-Prospecting is a demand generation agency with top-tier tech-centric clients. Using Act-On in place of a home-grown platform let the agency save 1,000 hours a year while getting significant lift from a remarketing program. H-I-P also realizes greater deliverability rates through leveraging Act-On’s platform – which means a better return on the same campaign investment. H-I-P is an Act-On APEX agency partner, enjoying bulk discounts and other benefits.

Most people think automating marketing is a balance between tactical and strategic. In our experience implementing tactical tools that can also be used in long-term strategy is vastly superior to struggling with difficult-to-implement, bloated systems. Act-On allows us to immediately start our tactical campaigns and then grow into more strategic features over time. We highly recommend Act-On.

US Fleet Tracking

One of US Fleet Tracking’s biggest problems prior to implementing Act-On was a lack of transparency and integration between software solutions in different departments. Now, Act-On ties marketing directly to the Salesforce system used by the sales team, providing information in the exact format with which they are already familiar. As a result, the sales team sees the immediate benefits of getting information into the Salesforce database: potential and current clients can be included in marketing promotions. Integration was so seamless that sales and marketing communication has been streamlined and strengthened without additional effort or training.

Adaptive Computing

“We wanted a solution that would last us a long time, one that we would not outgrow. We have that in Act-On.” – Ian Nate, Adaptive Computing.

As Adaptive Computing doubled in size through its increasing success selling to Fortune 500 clients, Ian decided to adopt marketing automation to manage resources and better communicate with the company’s targeted demographic. Act-On’s integrated platform and robust feature set replaced three separate marketing applications, reducing administrative headaches and freeing up time. Act-On also integrated seamlessly with Adaptive Computing’s Salesforce and GoToWebinar software applications.


One year after integrating SugarCRM with Act-On, Propelics saw a whopping 800% year-over-year increase in revenue. Implementing Act-On led to more opportunities, more meetings, greater retention – and more deals.


Within the first six months of using Act-On, NuGrowth identified a combined 34 percent increase in open rates; a combined Click-to-Open Ratio that more than doubled; and a combined increase in leads of 192 percent – nearly tripling the benchmark number prior to its Act-On implementation.


Flycast Partners provides IT Service Management consulting and implementation services to organizations across North America, and is a premier reseller for BMC Software. With its focused sales team using the Act-On platform for the past year, fast-growing Flycast has equaled or exceeded the sales of larger resellers, rocketing to excellence in a mere 12 months. The company has exceeded its sales goals by 10 fold.

Bradley Corporation

Bradley is the leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing fixtures and washroom accessories.

Headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, Bradley serves a diverse customer base ranging from small local facilities to international corporations such as WalMart, General Motors, U.S. Postal Service, W.W. Grainger, and AMC Theaters Corp. Architects and specifiers look to Bradley for the most innovative products; Bradley makes it easy to specify these products through a seasoned customer service staff and the best informational tools in the industry.


Marketing agency Starshot needed a powerful, sophisticated marketing solution that could be deployed swiftly and managed with a minimum of fuss. With Act-On, Starshot saves time in campaign creation and gives sales people more-qualified leads, while managing nurturing campaigns for sales cycles up to 3 years long.

To the Point Marketing

“There’s no way we could run campaigns like this – with these levels of nuance and complexity – without Act-On Software.”
— Mary Alice LaPoint, To the Point Marketing

It was no longer sustainable: Digital marketing agency, To the Point Marketing (TTPM), was increasingly deploying workarounds to make its email service provider “work” for client campaigns … and increasingly losing ROI. A better solution was urgently needed. Since adopting Act-On, TTPM is able to plan and execute sophisticated, multifaceted marketing campaigns easily and efficiently. They’ve also grown revenue by 300%.

Circle S Studio

Circle S shows how marketing agencies use marketing automation to both get new clients, and help clients meet the challenges of multiple channels.

Templeton & Company

Templeton & Company went from six different marketing tools to one integrated marketing automation platform, saving the firm up to $10,000 annually.


“The information and automated pieces of the (Act-On) system are saving us thousands of dollars. Act-On has helped us create more formal processes and a better marketing workflow, allowing us to accomplish more with less.”
– Bob Parina, President, CoreElement
CoreElement built a global survey using Act-On’s pre-defined templates and forms, gaining detailed insight into the needs of potential clients.


W-Systems manages marketing and sales technology software deployments, with an emphasis on Sugar. The firm picked Act-On for its commitment to the Sugar integration.

I saw Act-On continuing to enhance its Sugar integration and going to SugarCon with new and improved features. That continuity, that ongoing effort to integrate with Sugar, was what I was looking for.”
— Christian Wettre, President, W-Systems

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