Expand Customer Relationships with Marketing Automation

Customer marketing professionals know that keeping a customer is easier than acquiring a new one. Act-On empowers marketers to understand customer needs, automate communications, and create long-lasting relationships and life-long brand advocates.

What is Expand Marketing?

Onboard new customers

Use the power of Act-On to automate the customer onboarding process. Create email nurtures to welcome new customers, connect them with training and support resources, and educate them on key product features.

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Welcome aboard

Help customers expand their use of your product

Use newsletters and new feature announcements to keep your customers in the loop, and let them know their satisfaction matters. Use webinars to train them on new industry techniques or help them become power users.

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Upsell & cross-sell

Leverage marketing automation, CRM, and ERP data to understand when a buyer is ready for an upsell. Segment your customers by contract renewal date and payment history, and tie it to engagement data to understand when to reach out on an upsell or cross-sell.

List management

Satisfaction surveys

Use Act-On to deploy surveys to your customer base to gauge their satisfaction and get feedback on your products. Identify happy customers so that you can turn them into brand advocates, or pinpoint at-risk customers so that you can give them special attention.

Customer Scoring

Use Act-On scoring to identify brand advocates and loyal customers. Add points for activities like webinar attendance, event registration, social engagement, emails opened, references given, purchases, and more. The higher the score, the more likely that customer will be a valuable brand advocate.

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Activity Scoring
Super fans

Activate your brand advocates

Give your happy customers a microphone. Once you’ve pinpointed your brand advocates with Act-On scoring, you can use automated email programs to solicit positive product reviews, encourage social sharing, or ask for new business referrals.

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We Power Marketing Teams to do the Best Work of Their Careers

Act-On’s integrated approach to marketing automation gives you all the functionality you want in an accessible, simple-to-use workspace. Our user-friendly platform puts powerful marketing tools at your fingertips, making campaigns and programs easier and faster. Every marketer has a great campaign inside of them – let’s work together to launch it to the world. It’s time to Act-On!