Act-On vs ClickDimensions

What if you could have an even better Dynamics integration AND the world’s best marketing automation platform?

Act-On was rated as the global leader in the Vendor Selection Matrix for Marketing Lead Management and ranked #1 in both customer satisfaction and vision (October 2018). See more accolades »

Companies who choose Act-On over ClickDimensions

EBP Supply Solutions
Ashfield Heathcare
Avtex Solutions
Data Sciences International
Solomon Associates
GCA Global
Black Knight Financial Services Logo

Act-On has helped us integrate with our CRM because CRM for us is our lifeblood. That’s our entire business.

Mastering Multi-Channel Marketing

Enabling Customer Lifecycle Marketing

With Act-On, we can develop multi-channel programs targeted to specific audiences, and use white papers and other gated content to gather leads. Creating the emails and landing pages is simple – much easier than it was in the old tool.

Key Integrations and Technologies Driving Results-Oriented Marketing

Act-On’s capabilities and its integration with our systems – especially PowerBI and MS Dynamics – make it the most cost-effective marketing automation software available.

Named the #1 Global Leader over Marketo by Research in Action’s Marketing Lead Management Vendor Selection Matrix (Oct. 2018)

1500 companies were surveyed for direct executive and user feedback to create the most extensive market analysis ever done. Unlike other competitive reports, Research in Action factors in 40% vendor/analyst conversations and 60% customer feedback into its evaluation.

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Key Considerations

Is it an easy to use platform (landing page templates, creation experiences, etc.)?
Act-On check mark
ClickDimensions x mark
Robust reporting?
Act-On check mark
ClickDimensions x mark
Key integrations covered (Web CMS, social, Dynamics + other CRM's)?
Act-On check mark
ClickDimensions Dynamics integration only
Flexible scoring capabilities (profile + behavior scored, multiple scoring rules supported)?
Act-On check mark
ClickDimensions x mark
Are advanced social marketing and reporting features available?
Act-On check mark
ClickDimensions x mark
Will it support account-based marketing?
Act-On check mark
ClickDimensions x mark
Sales rep friendly (engagement timelines visible, hot prospect lists, etc.)
Act-On check mark
ClickDimensions x mark
Where is marketing contact data stored?
Act-On check mark
ClickDimensions In Dynamics - leads to storage issues, extra fees and messy CRM data
Are core lead management capabilities (automated programs, dynamic segmentation, scoring, etc.) at industry standard levels?
Act-On check mark
ClickDimensions Not robust enough to be included in Key Analyst reviews

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