SugarCRM Partner Sees 7X Increase in Qualified Leads

SugarCRM Partner Sees 7X Increase in Qualified Leads

SugarCRM Partner Sees 7X Increase in Qualified Leads

UpCurve Cloud logoIt’s always a great pleasure when an Act-On customer achieves outstanding success in some way. In the case of UpCurve Cloud, that success story has multiple layers, extending to UpCurve Cloud’s own clients.

UpCurve Cloud helps companies integrate their sales and marketing using CRM technologies to meet the needs of mid-sized companies. As a top SugarCRM partner – one of the top seven SugarCRM agencies in North America – UpCurve Cloud holds SugarCRM’s coveted three-star platinum partner designation.

“As a 22-person CRM organization,mid-market is where we do well,” said Christian Wettre, from UpCurve Cloud. “We’re a boutique firm, and we work across industries to manage leads, manage forecasts, manage conversion of leads into sales – we focus on the processes that lead to results.”

Results for UpCurve Cloud through Content Marketing

UpCurve Cloude has seen those results first-hand. By using Act-On in conjunction with Sugar, the agency cut its advertising expenses and saw a seven-fold increase in qualified lead generation.

“Our primary company goal was to nail down our own content marketing strategy and execute on it,” Christian said. “With Act- On, we were able to get that done. We were able to do webinar series. We were able to do blog posts. We were able to do our social media push. We were able to do website management tracking. We were able to get a consistent newsletter out the door. Those are hard and time-consuming tasks for a small organization to do, not just once, but consistently. Act-On was the vehicle to make it possible. I don’t think I could have done it without Act-On.”

The content marketing strategy worked so well that it drove more traffic than the company’s AdWords campaigns did, enabling the company to save three-quarters of its ad dollars while using a more tactical approach with the remaining budget.

Results for UpCurve Cloud Clients through Lead Generation and Integration

UpCurve Cloude also uses integrated CRM and marketing automation systems to improve collaboration between sales and marketing teams, and to generate more actionable leads.

“With a modern CRM system, you typically have some ability to broadcast emails to your client list, and the ability to capture leads from websites,” Christian said. “But when the customer needs more sophisticated capabilities, that’s when we look to marketing automation. Previously, it was an enterprise product, out of range for our clients. But Act-On filled that gap with a platform that could help the mid-market customers we serve. They could invest in Act-On and get the tool set that they needed without necessarily having to spend $30,000–40,000.”

Christian has plenty more to say about how marketing automation has helped his clients, including how the integration of various tools into the platform saved time, duplication of effort, and list-building across those different tools. He mentions a client that implemented An Act-On integration with Sugar, who then saw better, more actionable leads, winning over a skeptical sales crew and improving collaboration between the marketing and sales teams, including better documentation by the sales team in Sugar.

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