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Seriously Smart SiriusDecisions Takeaways

Seriously Smart SiriusDecisions Takeaways

Seriously Smart SiriusDecisions Takeaways

Editor’s Note: Our Girl in Nashville (aka Paige Musto, our corporatPaige Mustoe communications director) is at the Grand Ole Opry attending the SiriusDecisions 2015 Summit. Here are a few of the choice bits she’s heard this week:


Tony Jaros, SVP and Chief Research Officer, SiriusDecisions: “3 areas of enormous change from 2006 to today: [inlinetweet prefix=”Change:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware #SDSummit” suffix=””]Infrastructure, Best Practices & Organization[/inlinetweet].” @tjaros

[inlinetweet prefix=”Long-term: ” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware ” suffix=”#SDSummit”]”It’s not about the lap, it’s about the race.” @tjaros[/inlinetweet]


“Things have changed, [inlinetweet prefix=”Things have changed” tweeter=”@actonsoftware.com” suffix=”@tjaros #SDSummit”]but you can still dominate[/inlinetweet]. Understand though that the buyer has changed too.” @tjaros

Magic Johnson, basketball player. (Three NBA MVP Awards, nine NBA Finals appearances, twelve All-Star games, and ten All-NBA First and Second Team nominations.)

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson @ SiriusDecisions Summit 2015

“I had to admit to myself that I didn’t know business [that’s why [inlinetweet prefix=”Magic says: #” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware #SDSummit” suffix=”@ActOnSoftware #SDSummit”]mentors are key[/inlinetweet]].” @MagicJohnson

“I really hated Larry Bird – for real, but he made me a [inlinetweet prefix=”Magic sez” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware SDSummit” suffix=””]better basketball player[/inlinetweet] & a better man.” @MagicJohnson

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDSummit”]”I want to over-deliver for my customers so they become returning customers & brand ambassadors.” @MagicJohnson[/inlinetweet]


Audience Polling QueIMG_1741stion:

[inlinetweet prefix=”Q:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware ” suffix=”#SDSummit”]Would you purchase #predictiveanalytics again? 98% of buyers said yes[/inlinetweet].” #SDSummit

 Audience Polling Question:

[inlinetweet prefix=”Q:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDSummit”]How new is your channel marketing program? 31.4% said relatively new[/inlinetweet].”

Laz Gonzalez, Service Director, Channel Management Strategies, SiriusDecisions: [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDSummit”]”#Channel needs a seat at the product table[/inlinetweet] – make the product ready for partners!” @LazGonzalez

“Your [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDSummit”]channel program should include #ChannelSales + #ChannelMarketing + #ChannelOperations[/inlinetweet].” @LazGonzalez

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDSummit”]”Not having a flexible blueprint can impact a #ChannelProgram’s ability to support company initiatives.” @LazGonzalez[/inlinetweet]


Jay Famico, Practice Director, Technology and Services, SiriusDecisions: [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=””]”#CustomerMarketing technology set to explode in the coming years.” @JayFamico[/inlinetweet]


[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDSummit”]”Easily accessible pricing indexes for enterprise purchasing will be the norm.” @JayFamico[/inlinetweet]


[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDSummit”]”#DemandCreation is my favorite quadrant with the emergence of new technologies.” @JayFamico[/inlinetweet]


[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDSummit”]”Product Managers are laggards when it comes to technology; they use what Product Development uses.” @JayFamico[/inlinetweet]


[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDSummit”]”Product Managers will become more accountable as they adopt their own systems.” @JayFamico[/inlinetweet]



Paige Musto at SiriusDecisions 2015 Summit

“[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware @JayFamico” suffix=”#SDSummit”]PMs will move away from #OfficeProductivity tools to their own systems[/inlinetweet] – they need to use dedicated tech to power the org.” @JayFamico

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDSummit”]”Product technology spend won’t ever be as high as sales tech or marketing tech spend.” @JayFamico[/inlinetweet]


Audience Polling Question:

[inlinetweet prefix=”Q:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDSummit”]Will your tech budget increase over the next year? 70% said tech spend to increase.” @JayFamico[/inlinetweet]


Megan Heuer, Vice President and Group Director, Sirius Decisions: Advocacy — Your best salespeople aren’t on payroll, they’re your customer advocates! [inlinetweet prefix=”Megan Heuer:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDsummit”]Buyers are people, not targets[/inlinetweet]. #sdsummit @megheur

Julian Archer, Research Director, SiriusDecisions: “Events — Most [inlinetweet prefix=”Julian Archer:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDsummit”]organizations “do” events without first defining a vision[/inlinetweet] for the event experience.” @JulianArcher #SDSummit

Matt Senatore, Research Director, SiriusDecisions: “We don’t have the right to win [advocates] if we haven’t delivered initially.” @MattSenatore on [inlinetweet prefix=”Matt Senatore:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDsummit”]why #CX starts day 1. #SDSummit[/inlinetweet]

[inlinetweet prefix=”Matt Senatore:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDsummit”]”It’s not about finding success right out the gate; it’s about building momentum, to allow for innovation later.” @MattSenatore[/inlinetweet] on launching products. #SDSummit

[inlinetweet prefix=”Matt Senatore:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDsummit”]Pro tip for building a post-sale engagement framework: Don’t overcomplicate. Wise words from @MattSenatore #SDSummit[/inlinetweet]


From @MattSenatore: [inlinetweet prefix=”Matt Senatore:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDsummit”]Successful #CX in a new market relies on adaptation. Adapt to survive, adapt to thrive. #SDSummit[/inlinetweet]

Building an audience means building a case:[inlinetweet prefix=”Now:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDsummit”] “It’s about emphasizing usage, access, & value.” (@MattSenatore)[/inlinetweet]

If [inlinetweet prefix=”Get engagement:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDsummit”]prioritize relevance & differentiation[/inlinetweet] you’ll get customers that are engaged, not apathetic; “That’s your ice cream.” (@MattSenatore) #SDSummit

[inlinetweet prefix=”Now: ” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDsummit”]New buyers need indirect endorsements to believe in products [/inlinetweet]– create communities wherever you go. (@MattSenatore) #SDSummit

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Paige Musto is Director of Communications at Act-On Software. She brings over 12 years of experience in public relations, marketing and social media for high technology companies in the IT Security and SaaS industries. In this position she heads up all PR/AR and Social Media programs, driving the company’s brand and product awareness as well as leveraging social media to optimize lead generation. Prior to joining Act-On, Paige was Manager, Public Relations at NetSuite (NYSE: N) where she drove corporate, channel and partner PR and thought leadership programs, as well as established the company’s social media program. Paige has held various communication roles at companies including VeriSign (NASDAQ: VRSN), Check Point Software (NASDAQ: CHKP), and RSA, the security division of EMC (NYSE: EMC). Paige holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication from the University of California at Davis and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in Marketing Management from California State University-East Bay. In her spare time, Paige enjoys shopping, reading and watching sports—Go Niners!