Rethink Marketing podcast: Growth Marketing Hacks

Rethink Marketing podcast: Growth Marketing Hacks

Josh Fechter built a million dollar business by being authentic and transparent with his audiences on LinkedIn and Facebook. Learn more about his growth marketing hacks in this conversation on the Rethink Marketing podcast.

Picture of JOsh Fechter for the Rethink Marketing podcast where he talks about building an audience with authenticity


  1. Can you tell me more about yourself and Badass Marketer and Founders?
  2. I read you landed a job with 22Social with a 20 page growth marketing proposal. What is Growth Hacking?
  3. You started by growing your audience first, then speaking opportunities and then launching a business? Would you do it again the same way? What were the benefits and downsides?
  4. You’ve grown communities on Facebook and LinkedIn through posts that are very authentic, and vulnerable. Is that the secret? And, if so, what if you don’t know how to be vulnerable or authentic?
  5. What role does content – posts, guides, books, etc. – play into your growth strategies?
  6. I read that you read over 120 book during the course of a year to try to figure out what you were doing right and wrong as an entrepreneur. What books stood out and why?
  7. Any tips, hacks, and other advice on how to become a LinkedIn influencer?
  8. Do these apply to individuals, businesses, both? B2B and B2C?
  9. What are some B2B growth hacks?
  10. Any current favorite growth tools you’re using and employing? What are your thoughts on bots?
  11. Any other advice I haven’t asked about?
  12. How do I learn more about you and BAMF Media?
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Nathan is an award-winning freelance content marketing producer (words, video, audio, strategy). He also was an award-winning newspaper reporter. He has an MBA and a BA in Editorial Journalism. He is a past director of SEMpdx's digital marketing conference. He has two great kids, likes to sail, ride his road bike, and make beer.