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Make the Most of Your Content Marketing with Marketing Pods

Leverage your content marketing by creating content marketing pods, or hubs and spokes, that turns every blog post into another piece of marketing…


Why Video Storytelling Is the Future of Marketing

Add video to your content marketing mix to bump your results in the right direction. Learn 4 high-profile use cases and 4 tips…


How to Breathe New Life Into Old Content

Good content is so hard to create that it’s worth your time to use historical optimization to refresh old bogs and other content…


Drip Email (alone) is Not a Strategy. Personalization Matters.

Marketers can do more than create 'spray and pray" drip emails. Instead, adding personalization and segmentation can boost engagement - and revenue.


4 Ways B2B Players Can Leverage User-Generated Content to Attract More Leads

Content created by your customers can enhance your marketing strategy. Learn 4 ways that you can leverage user-generated content to attract more leads.


tips to get your content shared

5 Tips to Get Your Content Shared More Often

Once you’ve nailed content creation, your next move is to find effective ways or tips to get your content shared more often. These…


Weekly Act-On blog recap with marketing tips

Tips for better content, measuring your success and upcoming webinars.

In this week's Act-On blog recap, we have rounded up a few marketing tips and upcoming webinars that will help you elevate your…


Advanced Marketing Metrics with Easy-To-Use Engagement Insights

Get advanced marketing metrics with Engagement Insights, an easy-to-use templated approach to measuring marketing performance with Google Sheets or Excel.


Lead Generation Tips for B2B Marketers

Tips on How B2B Marketers Can Get More Leads

Lead generation continues to be one of marketers' top goals, but that task is easier said than done. Marketers have to ensure that…