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Webinar Recap: Remove Barriers and Create Real Marketing/Sales Alignment to Increase Overall Success

Act-On Software CEO Raghu Raghavan and CEO Dave Elkington discuss the measurable success gained when marketing and sales work together, and provide…


SMBs Crossing the Chasm with Marketing Automation

Standalone email marketing tools might be sufficient for some SMBs, but marketing automation can help take your business to the next level.


Make New Friends, Keep the Old: How to Recycle Your Leads Effectively to Ensure They’re Not Wasted

As marketers, it's important not to alienate old leads that you've worked hard to generate. With the right processes, content, and system, you…


5 Prerequisites for Marketing Automation

So you just decided to buy marketing automation software to crank up sales leads, track the ROI of your campaigns, and prove just…


Why Spray and Pray Isn’t Cutting It Anymore: 10 Top Tips for Effective Email

Is your company still using "batch blasting" for you email marketing campaigns? If "spray and pray" isn't cutting it any more, consider taking…


Webinar Recap: How Marketing Tools Can Help You Reach Consumers and Cultivate Leads

Earlier this month, Act-On Software presented two webinars to help marketing professionals better utilize the marketing automation and social media tools.



We are very pleased to announce that we are adding our own three-letter acronym to the business lexicon: SMT, standing for Small Marketing… Generates Leads for DreamForce – An Act-On Software Case Study

Act-On Software provided not only the email marketing capabilities needed, but a suite of tools that helped them cultivate hundreds of leads!


Celebrating Q3 Results and Igniting a Spark for Q4

As marketers, we know how to create a "pretty campaign," we also know that great marketing campaigns provide quantitative results. Act-On Software provides…