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One Solution, Two Easy Steps: Generate Leads from Social Media with Act-On’s Twitter Prospector

One Solution, Two Easy Steps: Generate Leads from Social Media with Act-On’s Twitter Prospector

One Solution, Two Easy Steps: Generate Leads from Social Media with Act-On’s Twitter Prospector

Social media is a hot topic in marketing, maybe THE hot topic. Services like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter let marketers connect directly with current and potential customers in new, personal ways. It’s an exciting opportunity—but can you really harness these services as tools for lead generation? (Spoiler: You can!)

Let’s focus on Twitter. Twitter offers the chance to be proactive in generating interest from a potential prospect and to become part of your prospects’ daily conversations. But it can be hard to find the right threads and difficult to manage multiple conversations at once. Act-On’s Twitter Prospector is a nifty solution that helps you use Twitter to find new, targeted audiences for your products and services, and keeps you organized so you’re always on top of your company’s conversations.

Step One: Locate Prospects and Connect

Sometimes the hardest part of lead generation is identifying legitimate prospects. Here’s how Act-On can help… First, use the Twitter Prospector to build reusable searches. Then refine your keywords, so you can hone in on the conversations that matter and the people who will be interested in what you have to share. Maybe you’re offering thought leadership; maybe you’ve got specific offers and promotions. The Twitter Prospector makes it easy to connect with these prospects, in real time, in a way that’s trackable and aligned with your other marketing initiatives.

Step Two: Easy, Trackable, Consistent Communications

Next, create tweets with URLs that point to your website, landing pages, signup forms and other digital assets. (Act-On’s Twitter Template Builder has a built-in dynamic URL shortener that helps keep your Tweets under 140 characters.) Now, you track the clicks from these links and analyze this information using real-time reporting. You can also create a library of Tweets for others to use, so that your messaging and offers are consistent across the Twitterverse. And your Twitter dashboard keeps it all organized and current with one-click access.

Want to see for yourself? Check out this short video for a step-by-step overview of Act-On’s Twitter Prospector.

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  • You’ve made breaking into the social media marketing field very easy to understand and implement. I can see the value of expanding into this area to tap even more into our customers’ awareness of product needs. Great info!

  • This tool is especially great when you combine it with other tools like Hootsuite. Then you can plan out your whole weeks strategy and set it up on Monday morning so you don’t have to mess with it for the rest of the week. You can always check back in if you have time and see how everything is performing, but overall, its a great way to save time and keep your content flowing.

  • One of my clients was looking for a way to monitor social media and specifically Twitter. It would be helpful to have some help to reference on creating the Twitter template. I really what was covered in the video and wanted to put it into action. Do you have any additional resources we can reference, or better yet if you could provide some of the template that ActOn is using that we could modify? Especially as a reseller partner that would put us in alignment with your marketing team and make it easy to share with our prospects:) Cheers, Chris

  • Jeremy Greenberg

    I like how this works with Twitter, but I wish there was more help with Facebook. Twitter is obviously a very strong network but for some consumers the information goes by way too fast, and thus not nearly as powerful as Facebook for the consumer. So it would be helpful to find ways to help make the Facebook experience more efficient, like you have on Twitter.

  • This looks like a valuable social media tool. I would like to see it work with other social applications as well. Facebook and LinkedIn are valuable tools for the total social platform.

    • Act-On Software News

      Thanks for commenting, Bruce! Have you checked out Act-On Insight yet? Act-On Insight allows you benchmark your web traffic, blogs, keywords, tweets, and YouTube views against the competition. It might be the total social platform that you’re looking for!

  • Very few marketing tools let you manage everything in one place. For us, pushing out content and being able to track it are super essential. Twitter plays a major role in this and because this tool allows you to find twitter prospects, its perfect. Thanks ActOn!

  • Tim

    We’ve played around with the prospector tool but haven’t really started using it as part of our regular outreach. I can see that it would have great value. Has anyone had success with generating legitimate leads using it?

  • Social Media is becoming more and more of the primary marketing tool that many are using. I think the prospect of having a tool to intergrate the social media with other aspects of our Internet Marketing would be great. And I really like the one stop shop aspect of it all.

  • I really enjoy the prospector and how you give us the ability to easily re-share information, messages, landing pages via the social channels. It really helps when I send out an email message but perhaps I haven’t reached everyone that I could with it… Now I can redistribute that and potentially pick up more leads/customers. It as easy as giving great content and the ability to contact you at their fingertips!

  • Monica Seely

    I really like using the prospector to search multiple terms simultaneously. Would it be possible to set up an alert when a tweet matches your criteria, that way we don’t have to monitor it constantly?

  • Act-On Software News

    Noted as a possible new feature, Monica! Thanks for sharing!

  • I’m happy to see the Twitter Prospector as a feature within Act-On. Prior to Act-On, I was using a myriad of products to handle social media, email, and online marketing. Managing and tracking campaign performance for every account was a nightmare! SO grateful to use one service for all my needs! :-)

  • We’ve used the social media prospector with good success. Our social media marketing is in its infancy so this tool is helping us leverage out time and investment in this new space

  • These conversations surrounding a users problem and them looking for a solution happen everyday. By monitoring and reaching out to these users first can put you way ahead of the game and introduce yourself.

  • Jeff

    This is a really good tool for interacting with people ASAP, managing your conversations, and then tracking their level of interest all in one place. Very helpful. As said before, would be really nice to see this kind of thing for Facebook as well and even be able to schedule tweets. Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Act-On Software News

    Thanks for your feedback, Jeff! Make sure to check out Act-On Insight as well. Insight lets you benchmark your web traffic, blogs, keywords, Facebook and LinkedIn traffic, tweets, and YouTube views against your competition.

  • This is one of those tools that, when used 10-15 minutes a day, you can up your sales by a good percentage. Nice work!

  • Dani Calvert

    This video was extremely helpful to me! I’ve been using Act-On’s Twitter integration but wasn’t clear on how to set up and Tweet using a template. I would like to be able to schedule tweets in advance – that would provide me with some more convenience.

  • More videos like this. This feature is awesome for quick responses.

  • Greg Palmer

    I actually wasn’t aware this tool was available (probably had heard about it, but just wasn’t paying attention =]). Just from the description and video this sounds like a great way to gain a better understanding of where my tweets are going and how they are being engaged. Nice!

  • Definitely a very powerful part of what can this tool can do. I did see that some others had suggested Hootsuite as a good additional resource to use in conjuction with this. Anyone else have suggestions or testimonials to share?

  • Thanks for the info. Was not aware of this particular tool and have been looking for a way to utilize twitter more effectively. The video helped tremendously. I will now start the process of using this tool and getting more info about how we can best apply it. What are other useful tools to help with our twitter campaign?

    • Act-On Software News

      Thanks for your feedback, Thomas. Make sure to check out Act-On Insight.

  • Kat

    Very cool. I am excited to try out this service. This could really help us as we are launching a new division.

  • We now have over 7,000 followers and 24,000 fans but have always struggled to convert these people into leads. Step 2 is great advice. Thanks.

  • This is an easy service to overlook, but one that if you put just a little time into, will pay back dividends. But much like your email campaigns, persistence (and a little patience) is the key to success.

  • I love this product. We incorporate Acton and other tools, like Hootsuite. I can actually plan out full weeks of strategy and set it up so you don’t have to mess with it for the rest of the week. The best way to reach customers is with speedy responses, and email automation is an easy way – Acton makes this simple!

  • This tool would be even better if we could somehow filter the results to a particular geographical location. Our product can only be sold in certain territories, so sometimes, we don’t need to prospect the entire Twitter universe. However, a brand monitoring tool, this does the job and beats the hefty price tag of other social listening tools like Radian6.

  • Nik

    The Twitter Prospector tool was a pleasant surprise that came along with our package. There is so much noise on twitter these days that we found that we were wasting a lot of time finding our market on twitter, but being able to build and save reusable searches has saved us a ton of time while allowing us to keep a finely tuned focus on our exact target market. This wasn’t the feature that convinced us to start using Act-On, but it is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

  • Thanks for the video. I can imagine that the Twitter prospector can help – even to Act On. I had tweeted several times before we went with Act On to see what other companies were using. I usually do that to get recommendations for most software I buy. I would think that this is tool would be a good selling/closing feature when speaking with companies like Producteev, etc. Thanks!

  • Sarah

    This is a brilliant idea! Allowing people to tap directly into multiple conversations through a main hub will save so much time, as well as help establish your company as an industry leader. The more you can network with people, the more business you’ll make. Thanks!

  • bri44any

    Finding prospects can be difficult, that is until you develop a system for finding them like the one described in this article. It’s amazing what technology can do these days, especially with the various connections Act-On provides.

  • Jonathan Wright

    The product is a nice feature but I haven’t been able to focus in on it yet. It does sound like a good way to find new followers but do the results really work? I feel like content and clever tweets will get you far more users than this will. At the same time it is a nice feature and maybe once I mess around with it a little more, it will be far more powerful than I currently imagine.