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Kickstart Your 2013 Marketing Plan with the New Rules of Digital Engagement

Kickstart Your 2013 Marketing Plan with the New Rules of Digital Engagement

Marketing-Insights-for-2013-from-Gleansters-Ian-MichielsAs 2012 comes to a close, it’s a great time to take stock in lessons learned and new emerging best practices in marketing – especially with respect to digital engagement.

Join Gleanster Principal Analyst Ian Michiels for a closer look at the successes, failures, and downright critical strategies that position Top Performers in the winner’s quadrant for 2013.

You’ll learn:

  • Critical strategies that should be incorporated in your 2013 marketing plan
  • How Top Performing organizations approach digital engagement to maximize success
  • How to avoid pitfalls, and lessons learned by Top Performers in 2012

Wednesday, December 5th at 10:00 am PST / 1:00 pm EST

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Ian Michiels is a seasoned research analyst, strategic consultant, and business executive with a strong background in analytical and creative marketing. He has held management roles at such Fortune 500 technology companies as Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Applied Materials and Oracle/Hyperion.


Sherry is the editor of Act-On's Marketing Action blog. She also writes and edits eBooks, white papers, case studies, and miscellanea. She is an award-winning creative writer.

  • Peter Williams

    Great idea pity about your registration web page! Does not seem to recognise non US telephone numbers – just a pop-up saying ‘should be telephone number’ and nowhere to go from there. I have tried both UK format and international. So unable to register. what a shame

    • Sherry Lamoreaux

      Peter, I’m sorry the registration didn’t work for you. There are at least three international formats that do work:

      013333304043 (12 digits)

      +33687230060 (11 digits and a plus sign)

      00966330761964 (14 digits)

      Adding dashes or hyphens seems to be the main thing that the registration form can’t deal with.

      You can access the recording of the event http://“>here.

      Apologies for the inconvenience!