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Enhance Your Rankings with Link Juicing and Link Baiting

Enhance Your Rankings with Link Juicing and Link Baiting

Enhance Your Rankings with Link Juicing and Link Baiting

Did you know that about 3 billion search queries are carried out on Google every single day? With Google sitting on a major chunk of the search market– about 66.7% of the US market and 86% of the global search market – it is hard to ignore how your website gets ranked on Google.

Google search engine algorithms have undergone substantial changes over the past 14 years. Today, we hear a lot about “link juice.” Dubbed as Google’s currency, link juice is what you should be gathering to snatch those rankings from your competitors. Link juice is the credibility given your site by a search engine as a result of backlinks from trusted sources. Simply stated, link juice is what you reap as a result of the benefit a backlink passes on to a website.

Look to Your Own Site

What many of us fail to realize is that although we are in pursuit of high-value links with semantic relevance, we overlook those untapped reserves of link juice present on our own websites. That’s right. Your website would definitely have content that could serve as ‘link bait’ so that other sites will want to link to you. The important question is: How do you use these equity reserves for more link juice? The answer lies in a strategic approach to juice tapping to get more links, especially from sites that have a lot of juice.

Work On Your Content 

It is important that you create high quality content that will appeal to both your audience and other websites that carry content in a similar genre. The originality and style will add to the share-worthiness of the content and give you a better chance to attract the right links. Content such as news, how-to-guides, e-books, product reviews as well as other interesting content such as infographics, testimonials, interviews and contests are likely to get more juice.

Submit Press Releases and News Articles

Press releases and news articles mostly consist of interesting information that has high value. Such content, when submitted to trustworthy and reputed media outlets, will earn you credibility, helping you earn backlinks and as a result more juice.

Sponsor Events 

Event websites are well promoted and thus give you a chance to earn more link juice. By becoming a sponsor of an event related to your business, you can earn backlinks to your website. You can even sponsor non-profit organizations’ charities, which might end up showing their appreciation by linking to your site.

Have Your Own Blog

Blogs on your main domain will add a consumer-oriented approach to your website. This would be a great way for other bloggers to link to your individual posts on various other websites and platforms. Another interesting aspect you can add is guest blogging, which would earn you valuable backlinks and access to audiences you would otherwise not have reached.


Make sure you adopt a meaningful and strategic approach by targeting the right keywords. Between these, and getting the right kind of links to generate more link juice, your  ratings will improve.


About Our Guest Author
Roman Viliavin, Promodo Vice SEO, has been working in the field of internet marketing since 2005. He has successfully pushed up dozens of projects in various subjects and companies. Нe is a certified specialist in system Google AdWords, and serves as an expert speaker at various conferences.


Roman Viliavin, Promodo Vice SEO, has been working in the field of internet marketing since 2005. He has successfully pushed up dozens of projects in various subjects and companies. Нe is a certified specialist in system Google AdWords, and serves as an expert speaker at various conferences.

  • This is all fantastic advice. Links definitely don’t come free and the work put into getting quality links often really makes it worth it. These are all definitely great places to start when you are trying to gain backlinks. Just keep in mind that you want quality over quantity and never stop getting information out there that people want to link to!

  • Have Your Own Blog! <—Agreed!
    "Blogs on your main domain will add a consumer-oriented approach to your website."

    Not to mention valuable content that you blog about has a higher probability of being Tweeted or shared across social platforms by the average user and power influencer.

    Having your blogged linked to your main domain will hopefully entice those who find you this way into learning more about your company. Great post here Roman! I can absolutely agree with you on the value of "how-to" videos, I release weekly social media tutorial on my own site http://www.jacobcurtis.co that other sites are beginning to link to!

  • Tim

    I’d like to personally attest to the value of press releases and news articles. I have used PR Web (Vocus) for years specifically because of the SEO value of their distribution. The keywords and embedded links have driven solid traffic as well as helped incredibly with search engine results and organic SEO. If you aren’t doing this now, you should highly consider adding it to your mix, especially if you are B2B.

  • Links are one of the most misunderstood and hardest to sell value propositions in the SEO space. There has to be a deep level of client trust to hang in there and feel the impact. Did you know that 20% of all searches each day are new? Access to the Insights module provides the real time insight to support the monthly SEO reports. Keep up the great work.
    Cheers, Chris

  • This is a great Article! I think all of these things should be looked at on your own website already. If you have a website, you need to make sure it has that engaging content on it otherwise why would people want to come there? and Blogs are always a great way for individuals or businesses to show another side of themselves. This is a great article to step back and look at your own site and make sure your still getting good “Link Juice”

  • Nuala

    Thank you for this article. I also think that consistency is important when creating blogs for your website. I have a blog calendar for thought leaders / experts in my company who contribute regularly. This ensures a steady stream of fresh content.

  • Jeff

    Great tips in this article. I also think having a specific schedule of when you release content is a good idea. If you post a new video, blog post, article, etc, on the same day every week, people will begin to learn to come back every week for new content. That way your site will not be just a “one-hit wonder.” Having consistent posts will also make your site that much harder to forget about and build your credibility which will also increase the chance of getting your content/website shared.

  • Couldn’t agree more. As a mainly European companys, our search traffic is +90% Google.

  • Greg Palmer

    Certainly an interesting article. I don’t think anyone can argue that creating and sharing great content is the best way to go about improving reach and rankings around the web. What many people fail to realize is that creating great content is hard–especially great content that is fresh and unique.

    Any tips/tricks for maintaining a steady stream of quality content when resources are low?

    • Sherry Lamoreaux

      Hello, Greg. The quick answer: Scale everything. With every piece of content you create, plan several ways to use it. For example, if you do a webinar, break up the info into pieces and create blog posts from them. That can also drive traffic back to the recorded webinar, if you’re posting it on your site. Be sure to incorporate social outreach to promote your blog posts and events. If you create a white paper, pull pieces of it into blog posts, and also do a webinar that lets you discuss the points. We have one partner using our blog posts as content for email campaigns. I’d love to hear more ideas from this community about repurposing content.

  • Cory

    Good information and thanks for sharing. I certainly agree with the point about having your own blog. A blog is a nice way to generate fresh new content, get your ideas out and become SMEs in your field.

    I agree with Nuala that consistency is key and a calendar is a good way to achieve that. Another useful idea is to create different tiers of stories so that you do not have to create long post every time. For example, having categories for long, medium, short and repost entries. The repost would simply be a few original thoughts or comments and then link to a story on another site.

  • Guedo has it right! ALWAYS quality over quantity!

  • Dani

    Great information – I think that working on your own content (that is both interesting and insightful to the end user) is essential. As mentioned, different kinds of content help to keep content fresh and interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  • I have been working on having this for over a year with our leadership team and they are now very much on board with this as a strategic part of their overall spend for 2013.
    If you are going to go into this, you have to be informed and up to date with your approach or you will be slaughtered.

  • Spot on! Links are the most misunderstood and abused “currency” out there on Google and other search engines. Our biggest concern is duplicate content and not raising any red flags with too much of the same information. How do you combat the temptation to use too much of the same onfo?

    • bri44any

      When you realize that duplicate content raises red flags, you may be more tempted to research more effective “currency”

  • I can’t agree with Dave more – “you have to be informed and up to date with your approach or you will be slaughtered.” Putting time and effort into an outdated approach with cost your business money! Stay on top of SEO trends, “Google search engine algorithms have undergone substantial changes over the past 14 years,” if you haven’t reviewed your link baiting tactics this year, get to it.

  • Bobby Holt

    This is exactly what we started doing at my company. We just introduced our blog to help pound keywords and produce original content that will help us skyrocketed in Google Search rankings. We make sure we link to other blogs to help increase our strength in the google algorithms. Everything you mentioned we started doing and it works perfectly. Great read.

  • Brad

    It is interesting to me that even though this post was only written 3 months ago, it is already partially outdated. The most recent algorithm changes Google has enacted actually make press releases significantly less valuable, even when submitted to top-tier sites. That change just reinforces the importance of strong internal linking structures on your own website, as well as blogging and generating unique, keyword rich content.

    • MartinLaetsch

      This is a good point. The algorithms are constantly changing but creating great content on you site that is relevant for your audience and easy to find (good linking) will always be important.

    • Zachary Winnie

      That’s good info—I didn’t know that Google is now suppressing press releases.

  • bri44any

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people managing their websites based on Google’s initial algorithms and ended up wondering how other websites are so successful. It’s all because the internet changes, and search engines like Google do, too. It’s all dynamically evolving, and we all need to keep up with it.

  • Enhancing rankings on Google sometimes feels like a full-time job. Having reputable links coming in to your site is great, and so is making sure that keywords match up with content on the page, but it isn’t always that simple. Changing algorithms aren’t helpful either.

  • Marshall Welch

    This is where PR Firms and/or a dedicated editorial placement team can be very powerful for SEO and digital marketing. Having those backlinks from trusted media around the world has been very helpful in our SEO efforts, especially since we have about 75 events a year that have 2-3 news releases each. Unless Google decides to change the importance of backlinks (which is highly unlikely), this constant stream of PR will always help our SEO regardless of what changes they make to the algorithm.

  • Our company is in the process of starting our corporate blog. At first the executive team wasn’t thrilled and thought it wouldn’t be very useful. But when we mentioned that it would improve SEO across the board, we got the green light. Yes, Google is a game for marketers. But these tips are great ways to get ahead.

    • Todd,
      We are going through a very similar situation at our company. The blog was a difficult sell mostly because leadership felt it was very “old school” but warmed up to the idea once they saw some of the results other companies have had around SEO improvements. Best of luck!

  • Zachary Winnie

    The worst thing you can do today is have a static website. Google and other search engines are looking to put timely content into their search results. Having a blog, press release archive, news archive, changing event page, are great ways to keep your site relevant and thus relevant to search engines and search results.

    • Sarah

      I agree completely! The more updated your content is the better it will stay in sight of your target audience.

  • Sarah

    I’m not sure who came up with the term “link juice” – I like to think of it as links on steroids. Instead of a typical link, it’s a link that holds power and status by being from a reputable source. I like it!

  • Stacy Gentile

    Relevancy and timing are key. I would also add that so is segmentation of content but not by demographic…but instead…by where your prospects are in their buying cycle. You will have multiple channels to build “link juice”, social, email, blog, website, etc. Just make sure its all being tracked through a marketing automation program that does lead scoring. Having “link juice” and eyeballs will do nothing unless it means something to your sales team.

  • Joe Goehring

    We’re focusing the second half of this year on putting together a blog and content strategy simply to get higher inbound links. Another good source is directory listings. (blogs and otherwise)

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