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Do You Know How Your Online Marketing Stacks Up to Your Competitors? Get Insight!

Do You Know How Your Online Marketing Stacks Up to Your Competitors? Get Insight!

Do You Know How Your Online Marketing Stacks Up to Your Competitors? Get Insight!


You know and we know that social media and web presence are critical elements of today’s marketing strategies. We also understand that it’s challenging to measure your online efforts. Help is here: Introducing Act-On Insight, a new feature that lets you benchmark your own online presence, and then compare it against your competition in web traffic and blogs; Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn; keywords; and YouTube videos.

Ian Michiels, principal analyst at Gleanster Research, knows how tough it can be to measure an organization’s online and social footprint. “Act-On Insight takes the online and social media dashboard to a new level by allowing marketers to benchmark their performance against peers.” said Michiels, “Eight out of ten organizations rank marketing measurement as a top three challenge in 2012. A big part of this challenge is identifying the context behind what measurements actually mean and how to translate them into actionable insights. By benchmarking how an organization compares to competitors, marketers can easily identify contextually relevant adjustments that help fine tune marketing strategy and improve effectiveness.”

Competitive Insight at Your Fingertips 

Act-On Insight provides a simple, graphical interface. Key capabilities include:

  • The ability to monitor your own blogs and compare them with your competitors’
  • Tools to track the keywords and search terms that can drive traffic to your website
  • The ability to manage your brand reputation and gain competitive insights across social networks including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • The ability to actively track, measure and compare multi-media content on YouTube

Sound like a competitive advantage you could benefit from? Contact a member of our sales team to learn more about Act-On Insight.

  • What I like best about this new feature is its right in the ActOn system…where I am all the time. I don’t have to bounce out and open up two or three other programs to get this data…awesome.

  • Act-On Software News

    Thanks for commenting, Stacy! We think it’s pretty awesome too.

  • It’s easy to use and provides immediate feedback about how we stack up against the competitors that we feel are most relevant. Great addition.

  • Another smash hit from Act-on… I used to go to 3-4 different websites and scrape information from each into a report. Now it’s all in one place. Brilliant.

  • These new features are phenomenal. I used them in some reports that we had for Q2 of this year, however, it would have been nice to be able to generate the reports directly from the dashboard. Any idea when we will be able to do this? I think having a general report section where you can select the metrics you want displayed, then export them would be great! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    • Sherry Lamoreaux

      Thank you, Guedo! We are working on reporting, with that very goal in mind…to be able to export each (and all).

  • One of the most frustrating things I had to deal with was going through multiple programs to get information about competitors. It not only adds additional cost (paying for those different services), but is a real pain and waste of time. I love the way Act-On is consolidating important marketing information into one central dashboard, making my life easier.

    What good is marketing automation if you’re automating only part of it? I think this is a great trend and I look forward to more features like this! BTW, I agree with the previous comment that generating reports directly from the dashboard would be great.

    • Act-On Software News

      Thanks for your feedback, Dan!

  • Before we engage with a potential client we perform an opportunity analysis, which is based on about 10 specific keywords/phrases. Once we validate the amount of opportunities the client is missing, we show the reverse IP capabilities of ActOnSotware and the ability to do automated messaging and lead scoring. This is an awesome way to justify the investment and help the client “buy” a solution. Some people sell things and other help people buy things. Which one are you?
    Cheers, Chris K.

  • Jeremy Greenberg

    I find it very helpful to interact with Social Media insights. When there is a relevant story to my venue that I can re-post or provide another spin on a story that I can already see go viral is pretty important. It helps provide the opportunity to save time on always coming up with our own material, and leverage off other ideas.

  • Nuala

    Having this level of competitor insight in ActOn is very efficient. I find it helpful when reporting out to the team. I would also appreciate a general report section where data can be exported with ease.

  • Tim

    I too have found this to be a great addition to the act-on arsenal. It would be nice to know the methodology behind the data though. Some things don’t exactly add up intuitively and some of the web site comparison numbers are difficult to explain. I think the social media comparisons are the most valuable because they seem the most reliable. I would really like some detailed info on how the website numbers are generated. Good stuff though, keep it up.

  • This is an excellent tool that quickly allows you to measure up your online marketing tactics to your competition. I agree with Tim that the Social Media Comparisons are the bread and butter of the Insight right now with being able to see all the posts and tweets. I am hoping that this insight continues to grow and possibly in the future will give some suggestions on things you could be doing to increase exposure

  • This is a great tool! I have been tracking several of our competitors and it’s exciting to see where we are doing better than some much larger than us … but on the flip side I have also found areas where I can improve my web strategy with this tool.

  • Act-On Software News

    All valuable things to know. Thanks for sharing, Liz!

  • Cory

    Overall, we have found this to be a useful tool. The next few months for our company will one of continual ramping up of our digital presence so being able to have this as a resource will be very beneficial. One thing I would suggest that might be helpful is a way of exporting or capturing a snapshot of a certain time frame in order to compare after a specific time period or campaign.

  • Monica Seely

    We are only just starting to really utilize this feature. It really does save a great deal of time searching for data from different sources. I would love it if Google+ could be integrated as well.

  • Insight is great! With the service, I was finally able to convince my boss to invest in video marketing for our company. It’s also a great tool for planning your content marketing strategy as it provides clear measures of what you need to do to outperform your competitors.

  • Keeping a close eye on your competitors can gain you valuable insights to understand what they are doing right and wrong so you can take the best of that information and apply it to your own company. You can also see where they fall short, and offer a better solution to their existing clients to try to take some of their business.

    It’s also very inspiring if you are the underdog and gives you solid goals to work towards without spending the time to research

  • Greg Palmer

    This has become a valuable tool to not only keep track of where we are in relation to our competitors, but determine areas in which we can ramp up efforts to excel past them. Act-On Insights is incredibly more efficient than the old method of manually gathering all of this data.

  • Jon

    This is a handy feature. It’s great to be able to get a quick pulse and snapshot of what the competition is doing. I look forward to continue to explore the new insights feature.