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How to Create a B2C Rewards Program

How to Use Marketing Automation to Create a B2C Rewards Program

Learn how you can use marketing automation to create a B2C rewards program that improves retention, drives ROI, and results in happier customers.


Inspire Customer Loyalty blog feature image

Cultivate Customer Loyalty With These 3 Tips

Current customers are your most dependable revenue source, so it’s important to inspire customer loyalty using these three customer marketing tactics.


Using Video Marketing to Improve Engagement

Using Video Marketing to Improve Engagement

This blog post walks you through 3 ways to use video marketing to improve engagement - including customer reviews, webinars, and live streaming.


Insurance Policyholder Retention

Marketing Automation for Insurance Policyholder Retention

Read this blog to learn how marketing automation can equip you with everything you need to boost policyholder retention.


5 tips for customer event success

5 Tips to Help Make Your Next Customer Event a Success

These 5 tips for a successful customer event will help you improve registrations, engagements, attendees, and retention to maximize ROI.


How to leverage your current customer base to drive more business

4 Ways to Leverage Your Current Customer Base to Drive More Business

Your current customers are the key to better ROI. This blog will explore 4 ways to leverage your current customer base to drive…


How to Use Customer Insights

5 Creative Ways to Use Customer Insights Beyond Reporting

Read this blog to learn how to use customer insights to grow existing client relationships and attract new prospects.


Customer Experience in Product Development Blog

The Importance of Customer Obsession in Product Development

Act-On’s Chief Product Officer explains why customer experience optimization plays a key role in product development.


Marketing Automation for Insurance

Build Insurance Customer Loyalty with Marketing Automation

Selling new insurance policies and retaining existing policyholders is a tough gig, but marketing automation allows you to do more with less.