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Joju Mangalam, Director of Marketing Performance Management for Act-On, leads the company's marketing performance initiatives. His expertise includes marketing analytics and strategy, loyalty marketing, and product management for organizations including eBay, Wells Fargo, and Kana. He holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, an MS in engineering from the University of Washington, and a BS in engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology.

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Four Trends Elevating Marketing as the Key Business Engine

Sweeping changes in consumer behavior coupled with technological change drive marketing’s new importance as a business engine.

Five Areas Where B2B Marketers Can Leverage Big Data

Big data is now the “New New Thing” in marketing and companies big and small are scrambling on what to make out of…

Translate Your Killer Plan into Day-to-Day Marketing Tactics

In a previous blog post, Creating a Marketing Plan That Won’t Die a Slow, Miserable Death, we looked into how to go about…

Creating a Marketing Plan That Won’t Die a Slow, Miserable Death

The new year is fast approaching, and many organizations are busy compiling their annual marketing plans. Many  hours are spent on dissecting data,…

Which Version Won? Understanding Confidence Level in Email A/B testing

Email A/B testing is generally used to select between two different variations of an email message so that the winning version can be…

Cohort Analysis: 2 Simple Steps to Better Understand Your Leads

Cohort analysis is an often-overlooked area of marketing analytics. It involves tracking a group that shares a common characteristic (a “cohort”) over a…

Customer Lifecycle Marketing: Reporting, Part 2

This series looks at the five sequential stages in the B2B marketing lifecycle, and discusses the key metrics for each that can be…

Customer Lifecycle Marketing: Reporting, Part 1

In regards to analytics and reporting, B2B marketers tend to focus on early-funnel leads and their conversion. That’s practical; generating enough qualified leads…

The Art (and Science) of Forecasting Lead Requirements

The ability for marketers to forecast the number of new leads to be generated is essential for any analytically driven B2B organization. There…

Show Them the Money! (Or at Least the Marketing Performance Report)

In two previous blog posts (Five KPIs to Track and Marketing Accountability from the Lead Up), we laid out an analytic framework for…

How to Build Marketing Accountability From the Lead Up

In a previous blog post (On the Road to Marketing Accountability: Five KPIs You Should Start Tracking Today), we discussed how to evaluate…

On the Road to Marketing Accountability: Five KPIs You Should Start Tracking Today

Marketing departments take pride in coming up with clever campaign ideas, exciting images, and compelling messages – and rightly so.  However, these matter…